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Talle voorstelle vir moontlike naamsveranderinge in Mangaung goedgekeur
Bloemfontein - Talle voorstelle vir moontlike naamsveranderinge binne die Mangaung metro is pas deur die...

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Free State, N3 Toll Route: Heavy traffic flow on this route. Be sure to keep a safe following distance.

Free State, Bloemfontein: Traffic lights out of order on the corner of Du Plessis Avenue and Nelson Mandela avenue. This is a dangerous intersection. Please use as a four way stop

Free State, CENTRAL SA - TRAFFIC REPORTS: If you’re out and about in Central South Africa, keep us updated on the traffic situation by sending the word ‘traffic’ to 36OFM, that’s 36636, at R1.50 per SMS, plus your traffic information. You can also phone 084 327 9497 or tweet @OFM9497 with #traffic included in your tweet. OFM, the sound of your life on the roads in Central SA.

Free State, RECKLESS DRIVING: Report reckless driving across our region on 0861 400 800.


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Shoprite Checkers OFM Chip for Charity Shoprite Checkers OFM Chip for Charity
If you’re looking for a good reason to get onto the green, Central South Africa’s biggest charity golf day – the...