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A Slice of Life
Mommy Matters - Get creative this festive season
Don't spend on expensive festive decor! Why not get creative and do it yourself! Almie Louis is a mom originally from central SA who currently lives in the UK - she believes that even moms need to have a hobby and take the time to get creative. Here is a great festive idea that you and your kids can assemble together. Here is what you need for your own "Bottles full of light" taken from her book "From drab to Fab" - listen to her tips in the podcast below!
What you need:

A variety of glass bottles (rinsed and dried) (keep your theme/colour scheme in mind)
Old fairy lights/Christmas lights (in working order)
An electric drill
Tile drill bit (the drill bit must be able to drill through glass)
Die Glam Guru - Hoekom moet mens 'n serum gebruik??
Hannon het 'n antwoord op al jou mode en skoonheidsvrae. Hy weet hoe om jou goed te laat voel en mooi te laat lyk. Vanmiddag antwoord hy die vraag: Wat is 'n serum en waarvoor gebruik mens dit? Luister gerus hier!
Het jy 'n vraag vir die Glam Guru? Stuur gerus jou epos na
#ThrowbackThursday - The year of "The Rachel"
It was the year of "The Rachel" every woman wanted her hair to be layered like Jennifer Aniston! Now, let me play you a song from the year 1996. Here are a few clues and facts about today's song.
Roberto Concina (born 3 November 1969), better known by his stage name Robert Miles, is a Swiss-Italian record producer, composer, musician and DJ. In 1997he received a Brit Award and is to date, the only Italian artist who has received the award. He released
his debut album, Dreamland in 1996. His single "Fable" was partly used in the theatrical trailer for the U.S. movie Ever After starring Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott. In 2012 he founded a new FM and online alternative radio station named OpenLab which broadcasts from Ibiza.
We go back to 1996 with his song “One and one” On the inside of the album cover he wrote:
” ...Sometimes,
you don't even have the time to realize
what is happening to your life,
that it has already happened...
the world moves too fast...
let's recapture the essence of time."
Nominate your song via email or tweet @OFM9497 #ThrowbackThursday
Mommy Matters - Help!! My kid has to make something for market day!
Mommy Matters focuses on everything parents need to know! Today we get creative with Sam Scarborough. Every mom knows how hard it is to be creative when it comes to market days, to be honest, some parents would rather help with homework than come up with great product ideas for the next market day at school! I spoke to author and mom Sam Scarborough about her book “Kids’ Market Day” and she shares her advice for parents, has some great tips for being creative at home and knows how to motivate kids to get crafty and creative. Take a listen below!
Here are some of the questions I asked Sam: What advice do you have for moms whose kids are now in pre-primary and primary school and who have a lot of market days coming up? Is a bake sale still the be-all-end-all when it comes to market day? What are 2 great ideas from your book that you wouldn’t mind sharing with the moms in Central SA? How do you motivate your kids to be creative?
To host your own Kids' Market Day you can email her or visit
Do you have a question or suggestion for Mommy Matters? Send your email to - I love hearing from you and will find the experts with the answers.
Die Glam Guru - Jou tiener hoef nie met puisies te sukkel nie!
Hannon hoor graag van jou maak nie saak waar in die streek jy jou bevind nie! Vanmiddag het hy raad as jou tiener gereeld met puisies sukkel. Hy deel sy wenke en verduidelik hoekom veral tieners met hulle vel sukkel. Indien jy as volwassene ook daarmee sukkel, het hy 'n bietjie raad vir jou ook! Dankie tog vir ons eie Glam Guru! Luister na sy raad hier!
As jy vir Hannon 'n vraag het, stuur gerus 'n epos na - volgende week antwoord hy jou dalk gedurende "a Slice of Life" op OFM.
#ThrowbackThursday - An old Charlize Theron crush...
Playing you the songs that disappeared, the songs that will bring back memories you almost forgot about! You share the song and I play it. We go back to 1997! Submit your song nomination via email
Third Eye Blind (sometimes abbreviated as 3eb) is an American alternative rock band formed in the early 1990s in San Francisco Third Eye Blind's first album, Third Eye Blind, was released in 1997. The album had five singles: "Semi-Charmed Life,"
"Graduate," "How's It Going to Be," "Losing a Whole Year," and "Jumper." "Semi-Charmed Life" peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was number 1 on the Modern Rock Tracks for 8 weeks. It also earned Third Eye Blind a Billboard Music Award for modern rock
track of the year.
Lead singer, Stephan Jenkins ended a three-year relationship with actress Charlize Theron in October 2001. Some of Third Eye Blind's third album, Out of the Vein, appears to explore the emotions he experienced as a result of that breakup. From 2002 to 2007, Jenkins dated Vanessa Carlton.
One of the biggest earning movies from 1997 was “My best friend’s wedding”, here is the trailer from back in the day :)
Lesotho Legacy - update: Day 8 of 1000km's for charity!
It's day 8 of the Lesotho Legacy! Kobus Robbertze has decided to undertake a cycling trip of 1000 kilometres inside the Lesotho Border.The objective is to raise funds for Child Welfare & Childline as his contribution towards their 100 years festivities.
Here Kobus is at Mapholaneng where Mr & Mrs Alotti were kind enough to give him a room for the night.
It is day 8 of his journey and I caught up with him to find out about the kidness of the people of Lesotho, the Letseng mine and his 64km route for the rest of day 8. Take a listen! Here is the Letseng mine! Follow his journey on facebook, just search for Lesotho Legacy.
To make a donation, please phone Lize du Plooy at Child Welfare Free State on
051 430 3311
Mommy Matters - Putting the spotlight on dyslexia
In Mommy Matters we find the experts with the answers. It is World Dyslexia month in October and there is still much to be done regarding awareness of the disease, how common it is and how it can be treated. That is where the RADA team comes in. An urgent need arose while they were working with children battling with learning and reading deficiencies, to define dyslexic children’s specific cognitive problems and to assist them in appropriate ways to learn to cope with their disability.
There are so many institutions supporting sufferers of ADHD/ADD; Autism etc. and yet the devastating inability to read, write and spell, is ignored although it affects +/- 15% of the worldwide population, regardless of culture, language, age and gender. These statistics apply to South African borders as well! Sandra Stark from The Red Apple Dyslexia Association spoke to me about Dyslexia awareness month and why we need to be informed as parents and also understand that dyslexia affects adults as severely as it does children. For more information visit:
Sandra Stark mentions the film "Like stars on earth" during her interview and you need to watch this film in order to understand the impact of dyslexia on a household.
Die Glam Guru - 'n Toner vir jou vel doen meer as wat jy dink!
Hannon Bothma is OFM se eie Glam Guru en glo elke vrou verdien om mooi te voel en goed te lyk! Hannon deel vanmiddag ‘n paar wenke as jy gewonder het oor die nut van die gebruik van ‘n toner as velproduk. Hannon hoor graag van jou – stuur jou mode- skoonheids- velsorgvrae na en volgende week antwoord hy jou dalk! Luister gerus na sy raad hier onder!
Lesotho Legacy - 1000km op 'n fiets vir liefdadigheid
Child Welfare Bloemfontein & Childline Free State is extremely proud to be celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. While hard work and sustained dedication contributed to the success of the past 100 years, they know they could not have made it without the loyal support of the community.
Kobus Robbertze has decided to undertake a cycling trip of 1000 kilometres inside the Lesotho Border.The objective is to raise funds for Child Welfare & Childline as his contribution towards the 100 years festivities.
I spoke to him to find out whether he is ready for his 1000km journey which starts tomorrow, 15 October 2014. Take a listen!
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