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The Vogue cover that has everyone talking...
Over the weekend Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's April VOGUE cover caused all the hype. Kim is so excited and felt that all her fashion dreams have now come true. Do you like the cover?
I browsed the net to find a few other famous couples on the covers of magazines from around the world. Take a look :) Brad and Angie know how to look natural...
Cory Monteith and Lea Michelle
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel know how to have fun!
Posh and Becks always get the magazines flying off the shelf.
When Tom and Katy still sat around the same fire...
Will Smith hasn't aged much since this cover :)
Die Glam Guru deel sy wenke - Hoe jou hare jou jonger kan laat lyk!
Die Glam Guru kom maak vanmiddag ‘n draai…en Hannon het raad as jy wil he jou hare moet vir jou werk vir ‘n jonger voorkoms. Die Glam Guru het die antwoord vir jou mode en voorkoms dilemma. Luister na sy wenke hier onder.

Onthou as jy ‘n mode dilemma het of skoonheids advies benodig stuur vir Hannon ‘n epos


Glam Guru - Jou hare kan jou jonger laat lyk
New Music Showcase - Vote here for Phillip Phillips
Do you want to hear this song on OFM? Then vote for Phillip Phillips and his new song "Raging fire" here on my blog. You get to vote and decide whether this song deserves a spot on the OFM playlist :) Take a listen below.
The Wedding Planner - What exactly is wedding stationery??

The Wedding Planner aims to help you plan for your big day by catching up with the latest trends and finding out what other brides do. I spoke to Carla Thomson - she is the founder of Secret Diary and their focus as stationers is to create amazing designs that fit your wedding theme and budget. Firstly I wanted to find out what exactly is wedding stationery?

Next I wanted to find out whether South African brides have a specific style when it comes to wedding invites and design elements or do they follow international trends and what about a bit of South African flavour? Take a listen to the podcasts below.
For wedding stationery ideas visit


Wedding Planner - What is wedding stationery?
Wedding Planner - What do SA brides ask for & do they want SA inspired designs?
Mommy Matters - Take a hold of your household budget

Moms have to deal with everything: getting kids to school, helping with homework, being mom's taxi, providing for the household and balancing the budget. This can be overwhelming and if you have been blacklisted your worries will only increase. Fortunately expert help is here. Mommy Matters speaks to Legal and Tax attorney Chantel Cronje. Take a listen below.


-      How much debt are South African households facing?

-      Where should moms re-look their budgets?

-      What is credit amnesty?

-      Is debt counselling something you should fear?

For more information and expert advice visit


Mommy Matters - Take charge of your household spending and debt
Die Glam Guru - 'n Natuurlike grimeer voorkoms is maklik
Die Glam Guru kom maak vanmiddag ‘n draai…en Hannon het raad as jy nie oor die naweek teveel moeite wil doen met jou voorkoms nie – hoe kry jy ‘n natuurlike voorkoms? Luister na die podcast hier onder.
Die Glam Guru het die antwoord op jou mode en voorkoms dilemma.Onthou as jy ‘n mode dilemma het of skoonheids advies benodig stuur vir Hannon ‘n epos


Glam Guru - 'n Natuurlike voorkoms is makliker as wat jy dink
Is that a man or a robot?? You won't believe your eyes...
You won't believe this guy's talent on stage. Is that a man or a robot?? I love Heidi Klum's reaction to this robo-dancer during America's Got Talent. Unbelievable!
The Wedding Planner - Andre Kunz and Leanne Nel share their wedding tips
Andre Kunz and Leanne Nel from the Breakfast Special on OFM are getting married this weekend. They have opted to get married on a cruise liner and this suits the bride, Leanne very well as she didn't want to stress about all the details of their big day and for the groom, Andre - it means that they can spend 4 days with all their friends and family. They share some of the advantages of getting married on a cruise liner and Leanne shares her dress design with us :) take a listen to their podcasts below.
One of the aspects to keep in mind is that when you get married at sea you need to get married legally on land before hand or afterwards - this can either be done during a church service or legal ceremony at Home Affairs. To book a cruise liner wedding visit MSC cruises


Leanne Nel shares her wedding tips
Andre Kunz shares his wedding tips
Mommy Matters - Donate your milk to a breastmilk bank: It saves lives!
You may find the thought a little strange but it is so important to donate breast milk. The more you donate the more your body will naturally make. Breast milk can be frozen for up to 6 months and saves the lives of premature babies every day. More than 1000 babies need breast milk every month and as a breastfeeding mommy you can make a difference. I spoke to Vanessa Booysen who explains why your breast milk is needed to save a life. Take a listen to her podcast below.
For more information contact Vanessa Booysen via sms on 082 820 2215


Mommy Matters - Wat presies is 'n borsmelk bank?
Die Glam Guru - Laat jou Rande vir jou voorkoms werk
Die Glam Guru kom maak vanmiddag ‘n draai en Hannon het vanmiddag ‘n paar goedkoop
wenke om jouself mooi te maak en hoe jy verder met jou grimering kan kom. Luister gerus na sy advies hier onder want die Glam Guru het die antwoord vir jou mode en
voorkomsdilemma. Onthou as jy skoonheids advies benodig stuur vir Hannon ‘n epos


Die Glam Guru - Om mooi te wees hoef nie duur te wees nie
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New Music Showcase - 1D with their new song "You & I"
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