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Vrouekeur - Twee beeldskones van "Ballade vir 'n Enkeling"
Rolanda Marais en Christia Visser is die week op die Vrouekeur voorblad en hulle lyk te pragtig! Hulle gesels oor die film "Ballade vir 'n enkeling" wat die week landswyd in filmteaters begin draai. Verder gesels ek met Eldaleen Hugo oor alles wat in die week se Vrouekeur vir jou wag! Luister gerus hier!
Kyk hier gerus na die lokprent vir "Ballade vir 'n Enkeling".
Mommy Matters - Is huiswerk moeilik vir jou kind? Die kenners het raad!
Ek ontvang gereeld eposse van ouers wat voel hul kinders se huiswerk kry hulle onder. Ek het by die kenners gaan aanklop. Hanlie Degenaar is 'n Spraak-taalterapeut by die Instituut vir Sielkunde en Welstand by die NWU Potchefstroom kampus. Hier is wat ek by haar wou weet: Hoekom is huiswerk so belangrik en hoe stel mens grense as dit kom by huiswerk? Hoe leer mens om geduldig te wees gedurende huiswerk tyd en wanneer het mens professionele hulp nodig? Luister gerus hier!
In deel 2 van "Hulp met huiswerk" gesels ek steeds met Hanlie Degenaar 'n Spraak-taalterapeut by die Instituut vir Sielkunde en Welstand by die NWU Potchefstroom kampus. Hier deel sy 'n paar riglyne as jou kind met huiswerk sukkel en hoe jy meer kreatief kan wees as dit kom by huiswerk. Luister gerus hier na haar raad.
Het jy 'n vraag vir die kenners: stuur dit gerus aan Ek soek die antwoorde namens jou in "Mommy Matters"
Die Glam Guru - Help! Ek kort 'n verandering vinnig!!
Hannon Bothma is OFM se eie Glam Guru en glo elke vrou verdien om mooi te voel en goed te lyk! Hy kom maak vanmiddag ‘n draai…en hy het ‘n oulike idee as jy ‘n bietjie verandering kort…dalk beplan jy ‘n romantiese ete – Hannon het raad! Luister hier!
Stuur jou mode, voorkoms of skoonheids-vrae na - tot volgende week, bly mooi!
Vrouekeur - Diaan Lawrenson lyk fantasties!!
Iets vir die oog, iets vir die soettand en iets vir jou tuin! Dit is net 'n paar dinge waaroor ek en Eldaleen Hugo die week gesels. Kry jou nuutste Vrouekeur nou!
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When losing weight is too hard - read this poem!
Losing weight is tough! This poem from "The Brain Surgeon's Diet" will motivate you to keep going!
Mommy Matters - You can train your brain to lose weight
Losing weight is really hard and we all would like to believe that we can do it. But usually around this time of year all new year's resolutions are out the door and we use the excuses: we are too busy, don't have money or it is just in our genes. I would like to introduce you to a man who will help you understand that you can think yourself thin by training your brain!!
Dr W.A Liebenberg is a South African neurosurgeon who believes that you can lose weight easily but it is mind over matter that makes it difficult to do this. In his book "The brain surgeon's diet" he explains in a clear yet achievable manner how you can achieve your goals. Take a listen to his tips in the conversation here!
Stop being a clown or politician when it comes to your weight! Dr
W.A Liebenberg is the author of "The brain surgeon's diet" which stemmed from his own personal journey with obesity. Here he explains why fat people (yes, that is what he wants you to call yourself if you are overweight) are always acting like a clown or a politician. Take a listen to my conversation with him here.
In a market flooded with quick-fix solutions for weight loss and healthy living, Dr Adriaan Liebenberg, an internationally recognised neurosurgeon, provides an easy, safe and healthy alternative: use your brain to lose weight. After being fat and unhappy about it for most of his life, Dr Liebenberg decided to utilise his professional knowledge of the brain to alter his own lifestyle. He worked out which foods could modify his brain chemistry to speed up his metabolism and change his attitude towards food – and it worked.
He lost 70 kilograms and became a much healthier person. Straightforward and easy to read, The Brain Surgeon’s Diet is a step-by-step and realistic guide for taking control of your weight without having to rely on fad diets or appetite-suppressing drugs. It empowers you with knowledge that can keep you healthy and slim by providing information on the energy values of foods and meal-planning guidelines that will make your weight-loss journey uncomplicated and guilt-free. Having already helped thousands of others, Dr Liebenberg’s inspirational story and unrelenting honesty will show that using your brain to eat is the natural and most obvious way to lose weight. Take a look here!
Die Glam Guru - Dra jy 'n hoed of uniform by die werk? Luister hier!
Die Glam Guru is hier! Hy antwoord vandag 'n polisievrou in die streek se vraag. Sy dra daagliks 'n uniform en is moeg vir haar helmet hare weens haar hoed! Hannon het raad - luister hier!
Stuur jou epos aan - Tot volgende week, bly mooir!
Phil Collins - A few things you didn't know!
It’s Phil Collins Weekend on OFM! Tune in to hear which hit scored him an Oscar, which was is featured on his diamond selling album and also to hear the keyword you need to SMS to 36636 (R1.50/SMS) for the R1000 draw.
Philip David Charles "Phil" Collins, (born 30 January 1951), is an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor. He gained fame as both drummer and lead vocalist for the rock group Genesis, and he gained worldwide fame as a solo artist.
During a Genesis recording session in the 1990’s, Mike Rutherford first created the main riff of the song he called "Heavy A Flat", to which Phil Collins suddenly improvised "I Can't Dance!". The riff was actually inspired by a Levi Strauss & Co. TV commercial using The Clash song "Should I Stay Or Should I Go". Originally the band did not think of it as anything more than a joke, because the song was too simple, too bluesy and completely unlike Genesis' style. Tony Banks said in an interview "It was one of those bits you thought was going to go nowhere. It sounded fun, but wasn't really special".
It was not until Banks added the keyboard sound effects that the song took on a whole different feeling—with a slight edge of humour in it—which made the band decide to record it. Banks also said in an interview that it showed a kind of direction Genesis could have gone in. Opposite to what Genesis has done as general practice, which is taking an idea and turning it into a long or complex composition, it was just taking an idea, and leaving it
The humorous music video (directed by Jim Yukich) illustrates the artifice and false glamour of television advertisements. Phil Collins comments that the video was designed to poke fun of the models in jeans commercials, and each verse refers to things that models in these commercials do. Source: Wikipedia
Take a moment to #takeaselfie with the cutest animal EVER!!
Let me introduce you to the cutest animal I've ever seen - The Quokka, an irresistibly adorable and happy-looking marsupial native to Australia which is now at the epicenter of what is possibly the cutest online trend of 2015 – the Quokka selfie.
Due to their 'vulnerable' status in the IUCN Red List, handling these critters is a crime, but they are not afraid of humans and will readily approach them, so taking a selfie with one shouldn't be too difficult. And given how happy they always looks, it's almost like they like the attention! Source: BoredPanda.
Here are a few of my favourite online #quokkaselfies
In die nuutste Vrouekeur - luister hier!
In jou Vrouekeur die week, ek gesels met redakteur Eldaleen Hugo. Op die voorblad is Frank Opperman en Karen Wessels en die twee gesels oor dit wat hulle die graagste doen en daai toneel in ‘n kis wat almal aan die gesels het! Die bekendstelling van "Ballade vir 'n enkeling" vind 18 Maart in Bloemfontein plaas by Ster Kinekor, Mimosa Mall. Bespreek jou kaartjies nou by Stuur jou naam, van en kontakbesonderhede aan haar - hoop ek sien jou daar!!
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