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A Slice of Life
#GrammyDay this song has 3 nominations - stunning!!
This red-head had us singing our hearts out to this song all year! He says he learned to dance specifically for the making of the video of this song. Take a look *sigh* Ed Sheeran has been nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album, Album of the Year and Best song written for Visual Media.
#GrammyDay this song is nominated for: Record of the Year and Song of the Year
Nominated for Record of the Year and Song of the Year - here is Meghan Trainor with her hit song - "All about that bass", which makes women around the world feel good about themselves :) This album sold more than 6 million copies world wide!
Vrouekeur - In die week se uitgawe gesels Nadia Beukes en Bouwer Bosch
Luister gerus om te hoor wat is alles in die week se Vrouekeur!
Mommy Matters - Taking a selfie can spread head lice!
While the “selfie” craze makes waves around the world, experts warn that physical contact in group photos may lead to an increase in the spread of head lice. Health experts warn that children and teens may be spreading head lice by snapping selfies with friends, particularly when there is physical contact during an outbreak. Other technology such as iPads, tablets and video games are also characterized by close physical contact which may also contribute to the spread of head lice. I chat to Litha Pharma pharmacist Giulia Criscuolo about what parents need to know and can do to stop the spread! Take a listen here!

Criscuolo says children should be cautious of head-to-head contact during back-to-school time. “Children often sit close together, sometimes touching heads when using new technology or taking group selfies. They need to be aware that this may contribute to the
spread of lice, particularly during an outbreak.”
Head lice are small, wingless parasites which live on human hair and feed on blood drawn from the scalp, causing itching and sometimes infection. Infestation is most frequent in children and teens and is spread through head-to-head contact as well as through sharing hats, towels, brushes and pillows, says pharmacist, Giulia Criscuolo.
She suggests the following tips to prevent head-lice this school term:
·Teach your child not to share hats, brushes, hair accessories or to bump heads with friends while using cell phones or other technology.
·If you child’s hair is long, pull it back into a bun or ponytail to keep it close to the scalp.
·Examine your child’s head and hair for 10 minutes every week under good lighting.
·If your child has lice, do not send them to school and alert their teachers immediately.
·To treat lice, use a non toxic anti-lice shampoo such as Picksan Lice Stop which contains nature-based active ingredients, including the MelAza extract, derived from a patented neem seed extract, used in India to treat head lice for thousands of years. For more information, visit:
Die Glam Guru - Twee luisteraars se haar probleme is iets van die verlede
Hannon Bothma het altyd raad en vandag het hy wenke vir jou hare. Hy beantwoord twee luisteraars se vrae. Die eerste vraag handel oor haarverlies en die tweede oor kopluise. Luister gerus na sy wenke hier! Stuur vir hom jou skoonheids of voorkomsvrae na - Tot volgende week, bly mooi!
#ThrowbackThursday - A political song that inspired millions
We go back to the year 1980 with a song that has moved millions around the world even other musicians such as Bono, Alicia Keys and John Legend. This song is listed as one of the Top 20 Political Songs of all time.
On her 2013 Australian tour Alicia Keys, on learning of the passing of Nelson Mandela, sang this Song with John Legend as a tribute. Here is a live studio version of the song from 1980 performed by the legend that is Bob Marley.
"I carried Bob Marley’s Redemption Song to every meeting I had with a politician, prime minister, or president. It was for me a prophetic utterance or as Bob would say ‘the small ax that could fell the big tree’. The song reminded me that freedom always comes with a cost, but for those who would prepare to pay it, maybe ‘emancipation from mental slavery’ would be our reward." — Bono of U2
Source: wikipedia
Disney's tribute to the highest grossing animation of all time!
Here are all your favourite voices singing "Let it go" from Frozen, which is the highest grossing animation of all time even surpassing The Lion King. The voices are all done by one talented man, Brian Hull - what a great tribute!!
Vrouekeur - Lekker leesstof wag vir jou!
Daar is iets vir almal in die week se uitgawe! Die ongelooflik mooie Zetske van Pletzen is die week op die voorblad en vertel van haar liefde vir die teater en liefdadigheid. Charl du Plessis is ongelooflik agter die klawers en kuier die week by Vrouekeur en brei ‘n jassie vir jou hondekind. Luister gerus hier! Ek gesels met Vrouekeur redakteur Eldaleen Hugo.
Mommy Matters - Water safety is your priority!
It only takes 3 minutes under water without air for permanent damage to set in, after 6 minutes it is too late. NEVER leave a child or baby unattended at a body of water. Kids drown in a few cm's of water and if they have never had their head under water - they usually get a fright and swallow water. Don't wait until your child is a little older, babies can learn water safety from as young as 6 months. Janine van Staden from "Little Blessings" swim school shares her expert tips on how to become water wise at home - take a listen below!
You can contact Janine van Staden on - 082 776 0161 or via email:
We are the scatterlings of Africa!
This weekend belongs to one of the greatest South African musicians of our time! It's Johnny Clegg weekend on OFM.
Johnny Clegg’s 2010 album ‘Human’ features a host of little people on its sleeve. Created by painter and sculptor Norman Catherine, the wolf-people, leopard people, flame people, fish people reflect both our character and diversity, as well as what brings us together. We’re all different yet we’re all human! Such is the message that permeates the songs written by the “White Zulu”.
Johnny Clegg is one of South Africa’s most celebrated sons and this weekend OFM is playing all of his hits! During the show you have a chance to win R1000 but you’ll have to tune in to hear the keyword you need to SMS to go into the draw. Tune in to hear which songs are dedicated to his son and a former president.
In 1969, Clegg formed the first prominent racially mixed South African band, Juluka. The music was both implicitly and explicitly political. Later Savuka (Clegg’s second band after Juluka disbanded) released ‘Third World Child’ in 1987, with songs like "Asimbonanga" ("We haven't seen him"), which called for the release of Nelson Mandela, and which called out the names of three representative martyrs of the South African liberation struggle – Steve Biko, Victoria Mxenge, and Neil Aggett.
In 1999 Nelson Mandela joined Clegg and Savuka, on stage during a concert in France while performing Asimbonanga.
Sources:, & Wikipedia.
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