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Mommy Matters - Water safety is your priority!
It only takes 3 minutes under water without air for permanent damage to set in, after 6 minutes it is too late. NEVER leave a child or baby unattended at a body of water. Kids drown in a few cm's of water and if they have never had their head under water - they usually get a fright and swallow water. Don't wait until your child is a little older, babies can learn water safety from as young as 6 months. Janine van Staden from "Little Blessings" swim school shares her expert tips on how to become water wise at home - take a listen below!
You can contact Janine van Staden on - 082 776 0161 or via email:
We are the scatterlings of Africa!
This weekend belongs to one of the greatest South African musicians of our time! It's Johnny Clegg weekend on OFM.
Johnny Clegg’s 2010 album ‘Human’ features a host of little people on its sleeve. Created by painter and sculptor Norman Catherine, the wolf-people, leopard people, flame people, fish people reflect both our character and diversity, as well as what brings us together. We’re all different yet we’re all human! Such is the message that permeates the songs written by the “White Zulu”.
Johnny Clegg is one of South Africa’s most celebrated sons and this weekend OFM is playing all of his hits! During the show you have a chance to win R1000 but you’ll have to tune in to hear the keyword you need to SMS to go into the draw. Tune in to hear which songs are dedicated to his son and a former president.
In 1969, Clegg formed the first prominent racially mixed South African band, Juluka. The music was both implicitly and explicitly political. Later Savuka (Clegg’s second band after Juluka disbanded) released ‘Third World Child’ in 1987, with songs like "Asimbonanga" ("We haven't seen him"), which called for the release of Nelson Mandela, and which called out the names of three representative martyrs of the South African liberation struggle – Steve Biko, Victoria Mxenge, and Neil Aggett.
In 1999 Nelson Mandela joined Clegg and Savuka, on stage during a concert in France while performing Asimbonanga.
Sources:, & Wikipedia.
#ThrowbackThursday - How about coffee at "Central Perk"?
Back to 1994 we go with the theme song of probably the most successful series of all time. Originally planned to be titled "Insomnia Cafe", later producers thought it should be called "Friends like us" until they agreed on "Friends" and the rest as they say, is history!
The Rembrandts are best known for signing the title song for "Friends" and still make music to this day although they have never had as much commercial success since 1994. The Rembrandts are an Americanpop rock duo formed by Danny Wilde and Phil Solem in 1989. They had previously worked together as members of Great Buildings in 1981.
It has now been 21 years since "Friends" aired for the first time in September 1994. Late last year, a pop up cafe in New York opened its doors to commemorate 20 years of "Central Perk" which is the coffee shop where the characters spent many hours.
Visitors can see lots of memorabilia from the series and even take photos on the famous orange couch! Here is a video of the opening day :)
Parenthood in 140 characters or less
There are many parents who tweet their experiences, some tweet in the middle of the night, others share their insights on the go - this will make you giggle!!
“Before I had kids, I didn’t even know it was
possible to destroy an entire house with a granola bar.” – Lurk at Home Mom
These tweets are taken from the book "The Big Book of parenting Tweets" - Edited by Kate Hall. Source:
A birthday flash mob at 93!!
Everyone's favourite “Golden Girl”, Betty White, got the surprise of a lifetime for her 93rd
birthday -- a hula-dancing flash mob! The actress, who played the lovably clueless Rose on "The Golden Girls," responded with glee when folks on the set of her sitcom, "Hot in Cleveland," greeted her with a choreographed dance number and a banner reading "Happy Birthday Betty."
The surprise was caught on video: White is being driven in a golf cart on the "Hot in Cleveland" set by co-star Dave Foley, who casually says, "I think there might be a little bit of a celebration for your birthday." ( - text & image)
Take a look & smile :)
Hannon help! My tiener sukkel met puisies!
Hannon Bothma is jou GLAM GURU en het raad vir verskeie voorkoms en mode probleme. Selfs Hannon weet dat die week terug skool toe nie maklik is nie veral as jou tiener met puisies of swartkoppies sukkel. Daar is hoop! Stap een is 'n gesig was roetine soos enige volwassene. Luister gerus na Hannon se wenke hier.
As jy vir hom 'n vraag het, stuur gerus 'n epos na en volgende week antwoord hy jou vraag dalk op OFM.
#Throwback Thursday: 2006 with a flower in your hair!
Let me introduce you to Alexandria "Sandi" Thom (born 11 August 1981, Banff, Aberdeenshire). She is a Scottishsinger-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and was one of the first artists along with Arctic Monkeys a few months before to come to the mainstream thanks to the Internet during 2006. Her debut album: Smile... It Confuses People (2006) did the best on the charts of all her albums.
 (Image and info from Wikipedia)
Here is something you might not have known about her: At the age of 17, after deciding to change her career path from medicine to music, Sandi Thom became the youngest student ever to be accepted at the prestigious Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA).
Here is a live rendition of her 2006 hit "I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair"
Incredible talent: This 8yr old will make you smile
We know playing the piano is no easy task, yet this little guy will blow you away!! As part of a promotion of the arts, they placed a piano on one of the platforms at a train station in London, asking passers bye to play. Young Joe comfortably slid in behind the keys and played a moving rendition of Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu, this without any formal training. According to his mom he taught himself via online videos. Take a look!! Incredible talent.
Video via Huffington post.
Iets vir die oog in die week se Vrouekeur :)
Elke week gesels ek met Vrouekeur redakteur Eldaleen Hugo en die week is daar weer hope lekker leesstof wat vir jou wag. Die aantreklike Stefan Ludik is op die voorblad en is natuurlik meer as net 'n ietsie vir die oog. Eldaleen Hugo vertel verder dat daar nog ‘n sanger die week by Vrouekeur kuier en dit is Izak Davel, verder is daar die week raad as jy jou eie boek wil uitgee en ook wenke om die jaar uit die skuld te kom. Luister gerus hier!
Vir meer gaan na
Mommy Matters - Great kosblik-idees uit 'n pa se kombuis!
Skole begin weer die week en so ook die roetine van opstaan, klaar maak vir skool, huiswerk, sport ens. maar daar is veral een taak wat party ma’s moedeloos maak: Wat pak ek in my kind se kosblik? Vandag in Mommy Matters stel ek jou graag voor aan ‘n pa wat nie terug staan as dit kom by kosblik pak nie – Evert Kleynhans in Bloemfontein se kosblik idees en kreatiewe happies sal jou na jou asem laat snak en jy sal nooit weer dieselfde na ‘n gewonde grondboontjiebotter en stroop broodjie kyk nie! Hy doen ongelooflik baie moeite en geniet dit om sy seun Reuven (4 jaar oud vandag!!) te bederf met lekker happies in sy kosblik. Hier is 'n paar van Evert se gunstellinge! So lyk dit elke oggend in sy kombuis!
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