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The Wedding Planner - 6 lessons after 6 months of marriage
Whether you have been married for many years or whether you are getting married soon, we all need a little reminder every now and then that being married is hard work. I came across this beautiful piece written by a young blogger in the states who has been married for 6 months. She shares her lessons and I found them very inspiring. 
1. Discuss expectations for being an awesome

During our first week back to the real world, I silently wondered what my
husband expected from me now that I was his wife rather than his fiancée. Despite
nine happy years of dating under our belt, a small and irrational part of me
worried that I'd fail to balance everything: household chores, my career, our
love life, friends and family, etc. I'd witnessed with other couples how
resentment could build up over time because of a lack of give-and-take. Jason
reassured me that he didn't fall in love with me because of how well I could
iron his shirts or cook interesting meals.

We learned to balance each other out. For example, he knows I could pass for a Walking Dead zombie in the mornings, so he's happy to handle breakfast duty and drive me to work. I'm more of a night person, so I usually make dinner and do a quick sweep of our apartment. Yes, creating a sense of home was important —
it took a few months for us to settle into a routine — but all it did was add
another dimension to our relationship. The qualities that made us want to get
married became even more attractive.
2. Be each other's biggest fan.

Anyone who's in a committed relationship has had their partner lean on them at
one time or another. This isn't exclusive to marriage. However, the stakes just
get so much higher. Saying "I do" really means "I will be there for you no matter what" and the time will come sooner or later when you will have to prove it.
Case in point: When we returned from our honeymoon in Hawaii, we found out that the new job my husband was supposed to start had been misrepresented to him. They gave him less hours than they had promised but there was a chance he might reach full-time status again at an undetermined point in time. He asked for my opinion about what he should do. I confirmed what he already knew: He'd have to find someplace else to work
or else risk being jerked around.
The next few months of job searching that ensued weighed heavily on both of us. There was a lot of waiting and hoping and praying and worrying. He fretted I was disappointed in him and I was frustrated that I couldn't make him happy again. What we thought was a curse turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise because he's very successful
where he works now. I'm thankful for that early shake-up because it proved that
we will tackle any obstacle that comes our way — together.
3. The little things mean more than you ever thought they would.

When people ask, "what's married life like?" the truth is that there is no simple answer. Marriage encompasses a hundred little gestures or moments that occur within a given week. For example, my husband covered me from head to toe with a sheet one night while I was sleeping. When I woke up, he explained that a mosquito had gotten into our room and he didn't want me to get bit. He couldn't sleep so he made me pancakes. This made me just as touched as when he bought me diamond studs and a necklace for our first married Christmas! Being married means waiting to have dinner until he gets home at 8:30 p.m. on late work nights. Being married means having him kiss me on the forehead every single night before we turn in.
Being married means losing my mind when he says he'll hang our key holder and it sits on the desk untouched for two weeks. Being married means open communication when we transfer money from our joint savings to our personal accounts. Think about the little things that define your marriage?
4. Your relationship with relatives and friends may change.

Now that we're our own little family of two, this has shifted our family
dynamics (which we fully expected). When we were engaged and one of us couldn't
make it to dinner or family events, no one batted an eyelash. Now there's more
pressure for both of us to see all of our relatives as much as humanly
possible. At times, we've felt guilty for not staying as long as they may have
liked or for griping about how tired we were and just wanted to veg out at
home. My family always has lots of parties and casual get-togethers, so we
found it was easier to see my relatives but just as important to make his side
feel close to us, too.
We also experienced some growing pains when it came to our friendships. It was difficult for me to accept that my once-weekly girl's nights were dwindling down to once a month, if that. My husband wasn't invited when pals went out for an impromptu drink or to go see a movie because they assumed (rightfully so, to a certain degree) that he was too busy settling into married life. Now that we are each other's number-one priority, everyone was afraid to intrude on our marital bliss. But as lovely as that post-wedding afterglow is, living in a cocoon gets old after a while. Slowly but surely, we began to balance our time better and bond with friends again. We just had to adjust our expectations.
5. Learn how to fight more fairly.

Like many other couples, our first married blowout began over something
idiotic. I think I bought a product at the supermarket that he thought we'd
never use up. In that argument, we broke every rule: no yelling, no profanity,
no sulking. But the supermarket/item wasn't the true root of the issue —
it was communication about finances. I was naive to think that we'd had more
than enough practice with wedding spending. If we wanted to save up enough for
a house someday, we were going to have to buckle down!
Since then, we both make a concerted effort to try to understand where the other person is coming from without jumping to quick conclusions. We're a team for better and for worse, so the goal isn't for one of us to "win." If we get super heated over something, we've learned to walk away and then discuss it later when we feel calm again. When you're married, it's less tempting to throw in those can't-take-it-back jabs (i.e. "maybe we're just not meant to be together"). We're far from perfect — I still have the terrible
habit of needing to get the last word in — but knowing we're in this forever has changed our outlook for the better.
6. Remember that your wedding day is just the first of many dreams.

While I was engaged, there were always momentous occasions to look forward to:
scouting our dream venue, going dress shopping with my mom, attending my surprise bridal shower, going off with my girlfriends for a pre-wedding getaway and finally getting married. I'd heard about the post-wedding blues and I figured that wouldn't happen to me
since I had soaked in every wedding experience.
Boy, was I wrong. In my opinion, "post-wedding blues" is a misleading term. It implies that wives get sad because they can't wear their wedding dress again or celebrate their relationship with loved ones, but the reality is much more complicated. After devoting hours each week to either brainstorming for our wedding or actively working on it, I was SO relieved to have more free time after getting married.
However, as the weeks ticked by, I slipped into this emotional funk. I couldn't seem to snap out of it...until my husband and I began talking about all of the other goals we have. We're not rushing into The Next Big Thing, but knowing that we're going to be home owners, parents, and maybe even CEOs of our own companies someday gives us
amazing things to look forward to. In the meantime, we're focusing on fun,
short-term goals like saving up for a trip to Tahiti and getting in great
physical shape. – source bridalguide.com
Mommy Matters - Kommervrye kosblik idees
Elke ma weet watse stryd dit is om kosblikke interessant te hou en om te voorkom dat kosblikke vol kos terug kom na skool... Ek gesels met Anel Potgieter, sy is mal oor kos en het altyd oulike idees. Haar blog, lifeisazoobiscuit.com het laas jaar kos blog van die jaar gewen. Ek wou by haar weet hoe verseker jy as ma dat jou kosblikke vol gesonde idees is. Luister gerus na haar raad in die podcast hier onder. Anel verduidelik dat kinders maklik moeg raag vir broodjies en dat jy interessante vorms en kleure moet gebruik. Sy stel voor dat jy dit wat jy op jou broodjie sou wou bedien op 'n sosatie stokkie moet steek.
Luister na die podcast hier onder. Onthou as jy 'n idee het vir Mommy Matters, stuur gerus vir my 'n epos yolanda@ofm.co.za


Mommy Matters - Kommervrye kosblik idees
Corlea Botha en Tobi Jooste sing saam en kuier by OFM
Corlea Botha het kom gesels oor haar Ghoema nominasie vir "Liedjie van die jaar" met haar ongelooflike song - "Swart koffie". Saam met haar in die ateljee is Tobi Jooste. Hulle toer tans met 'n produksie "Memories of Broadway". Ek het met hulle gesels oor hul passie vir klassieke musiek en natuurlik het hulle vir ons gesing.
Alhoewel Corlea tans siek is, het sy steeds kans gesien om te sing :)
Ek en Corlea
Corlea, ek en Tobi
Sterkte vir die Ghoemas Corlea!!
Die Glam Guru - Haarverlies is iets van die verlede - DEEL 2
Die Glam Guru Hannon Bothma het raad vir elke mode en skoonheidsdilemma denkbaar. Haarverlies is duidelik 'n groot probleem en dus het Hannon besluit om oor die volgende twee weke al die aspekte van haarverlies aan te spreek. Hier is dan deel 2, luister gerus na sy raad hier onder.
As jy Hannon iets wil vra oor jou hare, mode of skoonheids probleme, stuur gerus 'n epos na hannon@ofm.co.za
Tot volgende week, bly mooi.


Die Glam Guru - Haarverlies is iets van die verlede - DEEL 2
Incredible talent - you have to see these guys perform!
There is some true talent around the world, but this video is going to make you smile. This group of 5 acapella singers joined forces for an incredible performance during XFactor Israel. Enjoy!
The Wedding Planner - The top 10 movies to watch at a bachelorettes
I received an email from Ane du Toit in Klerksdorp who needed a bit of help – she is planning a kitchen tea for her sister’s wedding and they are having a pajama party and she wanted to know what are the best wedding movies to watch. Well Ane, with the help of Central SA I will make sure you and the girls have the best movie night ever! Here is my top 10 movies to watch at a Bachelorettes - get the popcorn ready!
Here is my top 10, enjoy!
Number 10 - Mamma Mia (2008)
Number 9 - My big fat Greek wedding (2002)
Number 8 - 27 dresses (2008)
Number 7 - Just go with it (2011)
Number 6 - Seven brides for seven brothers (1954)
Number 5 - Bridesmaids (2011)
Number 4 - My best friend’s wedding (1997)
Number 3 - Love Actually (2003)
Number 2 - Made of honor (2008)
Number 1 - Runaway bride (1999)
Other movies recommended by listeners on OFM's facebook page
Muriel’s Wedding (1994)
Wedding Crashers (2005)
Four weddings and a funeral (1994)
The Wedding singer (1998)
Father of the bride (1991)
The Proposal (2009)
The Wedding date (2005)
The Wedding planner (2011)
Bride wars (2009)
Sweet home Alabama (2002)
Fireproof (2008)
Mommy Matters - Learn to say yes to your teenager
As parents we tend to want to be in control of our teenagers' lives all the time. To some extent this is normal, but if we never let our teens experience life for themselves when will they learn the consequences of their own decisions? Gavin Fish is a high school principle in the Western Cape and author of "Taming the teenager" and shares his insights with you.
How do you say no to your teen and stick to your decision? How do you learn to say "yes" in order to allow them to learn and grow? These are scary thoughts but the last thing you want is a resentful teen. Take a listen to Gavin Fish's advice below.
If you want to share your story or advice on OFM - then send me an email yolanda@ofm.co.za


Mommy Matters - Taming the teenager - Why is saying yes so important?
Mommy Matters - Taming the teenager - How do you say yes?
Mommy Matters - Taming the teenager - How do you say no?
Die Glam Guru - Haarverlies is iets van die verlede - DEEL 1
Die Glam Guru Hannon Bothma het raad vir elke mode en skoonheidsdilemma denkbaar. Haarverlies is duidelik 'n groot probleem en dus het Hannon besluit om oor die volgende twee weke al die aspekte van haarverlies aan te spreek. Hier is dan deel 1, luister gerus na sy raad hier onder.
As jy Hannon iets wil vra oor jou hare, mode of skoonheids probleme, stuur gerus 'n epos na hannon@ofm.co.za
Tot volgende week, bly mooi.


Glam Guru - Haarverlies is iets van die verlede - DEEL 1
Before Sheryl Crow was famous she was a back up singer...
New Music Showcase - Meet the "Sick Puppies"...
With a band name "Sick Puppies" one would think they would play heavy metal, underground type of music. To my surprise - I actually like this song! Take a listen below and vote on my poll whether you want to hear this song on OFM. The "Sick Puppies" formed in Australia in 1997. They are a trio of musicians that started playing music in one of the members' dad's garage.
They only broke into the mainstream music scene in 2006 due to their involvement in a social media campaign where strangers would hand out "free hugs" - the video has received over 75 million views. 
The band's fourth studio album "Connect" was released on 16 July 2013. Vote on my poll whether you want to hear this song on OFM or not.
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Voting Poll
New Music Showcase - Connell Cruise "Into the wild"
Please playlist this song
I love him!
I dont like it as much as his other songs