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Babbelgum vir die Siel
Chicken Soup for a Sunday
Have you ever considered the power of the statement, “I am”? What follows these two simple words will determine what kind of life you live. “I am blessed. I am strong. I am healthy.” Or, “I am slow. I am unattractive. I am stupid.” The “I am’s” that are coming out of your mouth will bring either success or failure. All through the day the power of “I am” is at work in our minds. Many times we use the power of “I am” against us. We don’t realize how it’s affecting our future.

Here’s the principle. What follows the “I am” will always come looking for you. The good news is that you get to choose what follows the “I am.” When you go through the day saying, “I am blessed,” blessings come looking for you. “I am talented.” Talent comes looking for you. You may not feel up to par but when you say, “I am healthy,” health starts heading your way. “I am strong.” Strength starts tracking you down. You’re inviting that into your life. Get up in the morning and invite good things into your life. Declare “I am blessed. I am strong. I am talented. I am disciplined. I am focused. I am prosperous.”
Brain Teaser: Sunday, 27 July 2014
What is the shortest complete sentence in the English language?
 I am
Broccoli Spinasie Frittata met Gekarameliseerde uie
4 koppies broccoliboompies, gebreek en gekap
4 koppies babaspinasie, gewas en grofgekap
1 klein uitjie, gekap
4 knoffelhuisies, gemaal
2 eetlepels botter of klapperolie
¼ teelepel gedroogde origanum
¼ teelepel sout
6-8 eiers, geklits (6 eiers vir 4 persone, of 8 indien jy ‘n dikker frittata verkies)

Voorverhit oond tot 180 ºC. Stoom broccoli vir ongeveer 5 minute, verwyder van hitte, spoel met koue water af en sit eenkant, Soteer uie in die botter of klapperolie, voeg knoffel by en braai verder. Voeg spinasie en ‘n knippie sout by en kook tot spinasie gaar is (ongeveer 3 tot 4 minute). Voeg broccoli, origanum en die res van die sout by. Meng als goed deur en verwyder van hitte. Voeg die geklitsde eiers bo-op die groente en skud pan liggies sodat die eiermengsel goed deurtrek. Bak totdat die eier gaar is.
Brain Teaser: Saturday, 26 July 2014
What is yours but your friends use it more than you do?
Your name
Chicken Soup for a Sunday
Brain Teaser: Sunday, 20 July 2014
Write down HIJKLMNO. Now make water from those letters.
Hemelse steak
(resep deur Eugene-Joshua Mouton)


1 kg tenderised steak (sny in stukke)
Meng meel met speserye van jou keuse en rol die steak in die mengsel.
2 uie, in dun skywe gesny
1 bakkie sampioene, in skywe gesny
Pak lae om die beurt van vleis, uie en sampioene in 'n oondvaste bak

Meng saam:

200 ml melk,
250 ml room,
1 eetlepel worcester sous
1 eetlepel blatjang
1 eetlepel tamatiesous,
1 pakkie wit uiesoppoeier

Meng goed en gooi oor vleis in bak. Strooi 1 koppie gerasperde kaas bo-oor en bedek met foelie of maak toe met deksel. Bak vir 60 - 90 minute by 160 ºC.
Brain Teaser: Saturday, 19 July 2014
I can be half without getting thinner.
I can shine with no fire.
I can be hidden but never taken.
I can stay dry while moving the ocean.

What am I?
The moon
Chicken Soup for a Sunday
Things to remember when you think you're not good enough … the people you compare yourself to, compare themselves to other people too ... your mind can be a very convincing liar … there is more right with you, than wrong with you … you need love the most, when you feel you deserve it the least ... you have to fully accept and make peace with the "now" before you can reach and feel satisfied with the "later"... focus on progress rather than perfection and on how far you've come rather than how far you have left to go ... you can't hate your way into loving yourself ...
Brain Teaser: Sunday, 13 July 2014
When the day after tomorrow is yesterday, today will be as far from Wednesday as today was from Wednesday when the day before yesterday was tomorrow. What is tomorrow?
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