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Whitney Houston weekend
• Whitney’s version of “I Will Always Love You” has sold over 20 million records worldwide as of January 2013, making    it the best-selling song by a female artist of all time as well as one of the best-selling songs of all time.
• Houston performed this song at the 1994 Grammy Awards where it won for Record of the Year and Best Female Pop    Vocal Performance. The song also won the 1992 Soul Train Music Award for R&B Song of the Year.
• This version of the song appears at No. 9 on NME's "Greatest No 1 Singles in History" list and is number 65 on AFI's    100 Years...100 Songs survey of top tunes in American cinema.
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• At the 39th Annual Grammy Awards in 1997, Whitney performed a “Waiting To Exhale” medley with Cece Winans,       Mary J. Blige and Brandy.
• Not only did he direct “Waiting To Exhale”, but Forest Whitaker also directed the music video for the song at          Whitney’s insistence.
• The music video for the song shows close-ups of Houston inter-cut with scenes from the film. Houston performed the    song at the 39th Grammy Awards ceremony, and on the HBO special Classic Whitney Live from Washington, D.C. in    October 1997. It was included in the set-list of Houston's three tours and select dates of various concerts.
• It spent 11 weeks at number two in the US after only one week at number one.
• In the US it became the third single to debut at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was Whitney’s 11th and       final number one single.
 Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans, Mary J. Blige, Brandy – “Waiting To Exhale (Medley)”
A girl plays the piano while sleepwalking.
What you are witnessing here is a young girl playing the piano while she sleepwalks, apparently.

Isabelle, a 12-year-old from New Zealand, says she sometimes dreams of jamming along with her favourite musicians.

It’s easy to see how these dreams manifest themselves, as her family recently filmed her gently playing the piano while fast asleep.

Isabelle, who can even be heard uttering a tiny snore while her fingers dance on the keyboard, claimed the next morning that she couldn’t remember anything of her impromptu performance.

James Hodgson, a cousin of Isabelle’s father who filmed her playing the piano, said she is a regular sleepwalker, but to his knowledge has never played the piano before.

However he told The Telegraph that she once ‘came out into the lounge sleepwalking and sang Bicycle Race by Queen then went back to bed’.

Source: MetroUK

Diving fail!
Happy Birthday Prince George
Source: Dailymail
Charlize Theron weighs in on JBay shark attack.
The video of Mick Fanning and that shark attack went viral in minutes.

The Aussie surfer fought off the shark during the annual Jeffreys Bay Open.

Now, actress Charlize Theron has weighed in on the matter, saying this is why South Africans are so tough.

Speaking to USA Today, Charlz chatted about her childhood memories of Jeffreys Bay.

"It's a place I used to go to as a kid on summer vacations. We had a house (near Jeffreys Bay).

"As a kid we would swim in the ocean and you would hear the lifeguards blowing on their whistles and all the kids would just run out of the water."

The actress says it was a hub for sharks. "We would just stand there and watch the shark... this was so sick. As the wave would come up, we would watch the shark swim way, all the way (out of the bay) and then the whistle would go off again.

"And we would just run back into the water."

When asked, "This is why South Africans must be so tough," she replied, "This is why."

Charlz is clearly tougher than a lot of us, because we certainly wouldn't get back into the water after a shark had just visited.
Source: eNCA
Does water expire?
You might have noticed that if you ever drink water left by your bedside overnight, it tastes ever so slightly different.

You might put this down to having just woken up, or you might think the strange taste is all in your head.

But as it happens, water does change overnight (and no, it’s not dangerous.)

In a video, Discovery News explains that while you sleep, the water absorbs some carbon dioxide, a tiny fraction of which becomes carbonic acid.

‘Some carbonic acid will then lose a proton or two forming carbonate or bicarbonate respectively,’ the video says.

‘This lowers the pH of water making it slightly acidic, which changes the taste. So does that mean it’s unsafe? Probably not – unless you are a shellfish.’

Crustacean shells are made from carbonate, and the higher acidity can dissolve shells.

The only risk posed to humans by a glass of water is if it is left out for a much longer period of time and is exposed to bacteria as a result.

Source: MetroUK
Two funny funny people come together.

At the age of 99 and told she's pregnant. Is that even possible?
A woman received a letter from the hospital informing her that she was pregnant.

However Doris Ayling was fairly certain they had made a mistake, considering she is nearly 100-years-old.

Doris, 99, was stunned to see the letter, which asked her to bring a urine sample to an antenatal appointment, even had her date of birth correct.

Of course her three children, all of whom are pensioners themselves, are not about to get a new sibling, and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust apologised to Doris and her family, blaming the mix up on an ‘administrative error’.

MORE: Jeremy Hunt forced to hastily edit Twitter photo after ‘breaching patient confidentiality’

Doris, of Bognor Regis, West Sussex, told the Sun: ‘I’m almost 100 so how can I be expecting?

‘I have three children and 20 grandchildren — but I haven’t been pregnant for 70 years.’

Her 76-year-old son Brian also managed to see the funny side.

‘It’s very amusing. She’s got enjoyment out of it and everyone had a good laugh. It’s just one of those things,’ he said.

Source: MetroUK
Surfer beats off shark in final of J-Bay Open
Fanning, three-times world surfing champion, was paddling out to ride his first wave when the unidentified species of shark surfaced next to him, knocking the 34-year-old off his board.

The Australian managed to fight off the predator, hitting it on its back before it swam off, leaving him shaken as he waited for a support boat to return him safely to shore.

The incident, which was broadcast on live TV, led to the postponement of the final against compatriot Julian Wilson.

"I was just sitting there and I felt something just get stuck in my leg rope, and I was kicking trying to get it away," Fanning told Fox Sports. "I punched him in the back".

"I instantly just jumped away. It kept coming at my board and I was kicking and screaming. I just saw fins. I was waiting for the teeth."

Organisers have not yet decided when the final will resume, though it will be Monday at the earliest.

South Africa's waters are among the most shark-infested in the world. A swimmer was killed by a Great White shark at Albatross Point close to Jeffrey's Bay in 2013. 
Source: Times Live
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