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 Self- actualization is one of those things that every single one of us needs to do in this day and age. I’m black and was born in 1989…wasn’t really apart of the apartheid regime but I do have an understanding of what happened those years.

Hence my decision to look to the future and believe that everyone has a story to tell. Give every person of every culture, every color and gender a chance to be who they want to be and practice their beliefs. I am open - minded and would like to believe that one day all of us would treat each other with respect and that the color of my skin won’t matter.

Last night in a public place I was threatened by a man for no reason other than the color of my skin. This man shoved me and even threatened to break my arms. The people around us stood by as this guy thought it was appropriate to treat another human being with such utter disrespect.

I want you to keep in mind that this is only my experience and my personal opinion. As shocking and humiliating as it was, I Success Katlego Aletta Tia Lekabe refuse to let it change who I am and how I see people and this country. I know that I can’t control the actions of others, I can only control my own. I choose to look to the future and not the past.

Today I want to challenge you to do the same. To build rather than break, to love rather than hate and to treat every fellow South African with the respect that surely you would want to be treated with.

Let’s leave a better world for our children than the one we were born into. Morena boloka sechaba sa rona…God bless our nation!
Talk about going the extra mile.
Surgeons perform open heart surgery under cellphone lights during a black out. How amazing is that. Think these guys deserve an award. or something. Watch this video. 
After this video went viral locals have vowed to help surgeons in Kyrgyzstan who were forced to carry out heart surgery by mobile phone light after a blackout plunged their clinic into darkness - by giving them a generator.
Source: Elite Daily 
If you thought you couldn't love Brad Pitt even this!
Hot as always. This him all glamorous at the premiere of his latest movie Fury at the Newseum in Washington, he looked as dapper as ever.  I MEAN LOOK AT HIM!
Then this happens....He decides to do make a weird video with Jimmy Fallon. It’s not the first time he’s done a weird video with Fallon. I Didn't even know he could do this. Check this out.
Obama is human after all.
This must be the most embarrassing thing that could happen to anyone. It has happened to me too. To often. 
Apparently, even the president of the United States can have trouble with his credit card.

Barack Obama on Friday said his card was declined at a New York restaurant he went to while visiting the United Nations.

"I was there during the General Assembly, and my credit card was rejected," Obama said at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where he unveiled new measures to stem credit card fraud and identity theft.
"It turned out, I guess I don't use it enough. So they thought there was some fraud going on," he said to laughter, adding "fortunately, Michelle had hers".

The president signed an executive order which adds "chip-and-pin" protection for US government cards and payment terminals, at a time when the financial industry is moving in the same direction.

"I was trying to explain to the waitress, no, I really think that I've been paying my bills," Obama said.
"Even I'm affected by this."
Source : News24
I'd rather be in bed....
Yes, there are some days when I wake up to start my day that I just don't feel like getting up. Especially this time of the year. Maybe you over worked or that tiredness just kicks in and you just can't wait for the holidays. If you are there are some things you might just be able to relate to or understand.
1. You’ve never seen the end of a movie

Staying awake for the entire duration of a movie is harder than finishing writing this article. You’ve got all the components of a makeshift bedroom: the lights are off, the seats recline, the theater is in absolute silence and there are snack crumbs all over you.

Seriously, how are you not supposed to pass out?

2. There is a permanent dent in your bed

From lying in it so often, duh. And it’s not even a Tempur Pedic.

3. Sometimes you’re so tired, you don’t have the energy to speak at dinner

You just let your eyes do the talking. Too bad they’re closed.

4. You fall asleep on the couch because you’re too lethargic to walk to your bedroom

This happens when you’re sober way too often. And then you wake up at a ridiculous hour not knowing how you got there and are still too tired to do anything about it.

5. You’ve woken up with keyboard imprints on your face

You consider falling asleep while working on your computer one of your biggest talents. That blue light might mess up some other people’s REM cycles, but not yours.

6. The only shots you take on weekends are of Dayquil

You have no problem falling alseep; it’s the stay-awake-through-brunch part that becomes complicated. Dayquil is your version of life support.

7. You’ve come close to passing out in the shower

Every second you spend not being horizontal feels like a workout. Sometimes, you just stand there letting the water wash your body because you’ve completely zoned out.

8. You go into hibernation from November to March

Remember when you used to go to the gym after work? (Wait, no you don’t…) When it turns dark at 6 pm, all bets are off.

9. You’d rather stay in on Friday night than go out

Blacking out takes on a whole new meaning.

10. You don’t drink wine

It makes you way too drowsy. And if there’s any chance of you watching the season premiere of “Scandal” at its new 10 pm timeslot, you’re going to have to pass on sharing a glass with Olivia Pope.

11. The only thing you can rely on in your life is hitting the snooze button

Your alarm clock is a daily reminder that Satan does exist in the form of an electronic tune. The only thing worse than hearing that chime at 6:30 am is hearing it as someone else’s ringtone during the day. It haunts you.

12. Feeling like you have chronic mono

You have all the symptoms: getting out of bed is difficult, you’re constantly drained of energy and the thought of existing in a wakeful state for more than six hours makes you feverish. Except no one is getting skinnier.

13. Quick shuteyes turn into day-long naps

Your weekend is basically one long nap, too. Naps are kind of like french fries — there’s never a time you don’t want them.

14. Waking up tired after a full nine hours

You frequently can be overheard complaining about not having slept in ages. Despite snoozing for the better part of your existence, you could still nap whenever.

15. You get jealous of your cat

How come Mittens gets to lie in the apartment all day, licking himself into a slumber? Life isn’t fair. Waaah.

16. Converting oxygen to carbon dioxide exhausts you

Sleeping and respiring are your primary forms of exercise. Your body is still working while you’re dreaming, right?

17. Your REM cycle is more important than your paycheck cycle

You can get by without much money; you can’t get by without much sleep. And you look forward to a decent night’s rest way more than you look forward to every other Friday, when you’re reminded of how poor you are.

18. Your version of popping bottles is guzzling 5-Hour Energy

As if you could stay up late enough to pop anything else besides caffeine pills? Your 5-Hour Energy is more like an hour of feeling like you can do anything and then crashing hard during the remaining four. Good luck studying for finals!

19. You always opt to take a cab

Even if it’s merely a block away, you’re just way too exhausted to walk there. #TiredRichPeopleProblems.

20. You have exactly two best friends: pillow and blanket

They’ve seen you naked. They let you cry into their sleeves. They are always there for a good cuddle sesh.

They’re around during your most intimate moments. And they never fail to deliver exactly what you want — a good night’s rest.

21. Your bags have bags

The amount of baggage that you’re carrying around is greater than Amanda Bynes on vacation with her daddy issues.

22. You can sleep through anything

In fact, you HAVE, including: your flight, your 10 am class, your sister’s graduation, your workday and the time the smoke alarm went off. That last one still burns.

23. Finishing your fourth cup of coffee and not understanding why you’re still tired

“Honestly, I don’t get this at all. WTF! Isn’t caffeine supposed to make you more awake? All this consumption is making me tired. Eff this, I’m going to bed.”

24. Your favorite time of year is the nap you take after Thanksgiving

You’re a fan of tripping off tryptophan.

25. You’re tired by 3 pm

…But then again, who isn’t over the age of 25?

26. You can rationalize anything to stay in bed

“I’m not trying to risk catching Ebola, I should stay home and rest.” “I don’t need to be at work for another 10 minutes. I can definitely sleep for 7 more.” “It’s too cold out to put on clothes.”

(…Uh, all the more reason you should?)

27. You force yourself to wake up only to get back into bed

Aww, you were really trying to hit the gym early? Who are you kidding? Get back in there!

28. You refuse to schedule anything before 11 am

There is zero chance you would be there on time, and on the off-chance that you did show up, you’d be a cranky, miserable curmudgeon.

29. You get anxiety when you stay out late on weeknight


30. Even your dreams are tired of you

Zzzz. Zzzz.
Source: Elite Daily 
Einstein The Dog Runs For Oakland Mayor.
The Oakland mayor's race has gone to the dogs — or actually, to one dog.

Activists from the Occupy Oakland movement are pushing the canine candidacy of Einstein to unseat incumbent Mayor Jean Quan.

"I like to run. A lot! I mean A LOT! So make no mistake, I can make it all the way to the finish line," says Einstein's website.

But will the Catahoula hound's handlers keep him on a short leash on the campaign trail? Is his bark worse than his bite?

"I can tell you that he's never bitten anyone," Michael Wilson, Einstein's political adviser, told HuffPost.
The path to victory isn't just ruff — it's legally impossible. Still, Einstein's supporters ask voters to cast a ballot for the only candidate on four legs by ignoring county law requiring office seekers to be a citizen and registered voter.

"There is a legitimate reason to wonder whether a dog can serve as mayor of Oakland, but he provides a great voice for low-income and otherwise marginalized people who live in Oakland," Wilson told HuffPost. "They have no candidate to represent them."

Einstein presented his radical platform on Thursday morning in front of City Hall, according to CBS San Francisco.

He throws a bone to mainstream liberals with a dog-eared call for a single-payer health care system. But he roams far afield with proposals to reform the police and curb the influence of elites. He favors a maximum wage to limit income inequality and longer prison sentences for wealthy offenders.

Catahoula hounds are bred as hunting dogs in Louisiana. Einstein lacks that instinct, but Wilson says it won't hurt him in the dog-eat-dog world of Oakland politics.

"We don’t feel competing and trying to undermine our opponents serves the interest of people we’d like to serve," Wilson said.
Source : Huffington Post 
Google in a bit of trouble?
Google insist they have removed ''tens of thousands'' of hacked celebrity pictures from their websites.

The online giant were threatened with a $100 million lawsuit by lawyers acting for over a dozen of the female stars - which include Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna and Amber Heard - whose private accounts were hacked and had personal images uploaded online.

But despite accusations otherwise, the company insist they have been working hard to remove the photographs from all of their sites since requests were made.

The company's spokesperson told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: ''We've removed tens of thousands of pictures - within hours of the requests being made - and we have closed hundreds of accounts. The internet is used for many good things. Stealing people's private photos is not one of them.''

Lawyer Marty Singer had sent a strongly-worded letter to Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as well as Eric Schmidt and Google lawyers accusing them of ''blatantly unethical behaviour'' in failing to remove the images - which were first posted on websites Reddit and 4Chan - and ''making millions from the victimisation of women.''

Lawyer Marty Singer has written a sternly-worded letter to Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as well as Eric Schmidt and Google lawyers accusing them of ''blatantly unethical behaviour''.

In the letter, the lawyer stated his firm sent a notice to remove the images four weeks ago, and several more since, but many of the photos are still on BlogSpot and YouTube, which are both owned by Google.

He added: ''Google knows the images are hacked stolen property, private and confidential photos and videos unlawfully obtained and posted by pervert predators who are violating the victims' privacy rights ... Yet Google has taken little or no action to stop these outrageous violations.

''Because the victims are celebrities with valuable publicity rights you do nothing - nothing but collect millions of dollars in advertising revenue ... as you seek to capitalise on this scandal rather than quash it.''
Source : Times Live
Lessons a fury friend can teach you
1. The beauty of unconditional love

A dog will love you no matter what, through thick and thin. He will love you on your best days and your worst, and he will love you regardless of your looks, your money or your body shape.

He will even love you if you accidentally step on his tail! You can trust that a dog’s love is secure and always there; isn’t that what humans strive for in relationships?

2. Live each day with excitement

My dog’s morning walk consists of the same route around my neighborhood, yet, regardless of how many times we have walked that exact route, he never gets bored of it.

Dogs generally remain curious about everything they walk past, even if they’ve walked past it 100 times before. They always look around at all their surroundings and stay in the present moment instead of getting lost in a cell phone screen.

3. Put yourself out there

The notion that you shouldn’t talk to strangers on the street fades when you are with your dog, as he can essentially serve as a conversation starter. Everyone wants to stop you and ask about your dog, say hello to your dog, etc. You never know what strangers you may become friends with.

I have developed friendships with a lot of strangers I would have never spoken to if I didn’t happen to walk by them with my dog on that particular day.

According to the Huffington Post, a study done in 2000 found that people who walk with their dogs have three times as many social interactions than when they walk alone.

4. Importance of boundaries

Dogs do well when they have a structured daily routine and are aware of the rules. When rules are clear, dogs behave well and don’t end up begging, having accidents in the house or behavioral issues.

The same should apply to us; when we enforce clear boundaries, we will be able to determine what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior. Boundaries lead to healthy relationships and connections.

5. Appreciate the simple things

Dogs appreciate the smallest things, such as a walk around the block or a trip to the dog park to play with others. They appreciate you coming home to them, and they show that appreciation by bouncing up to you and attacking your face with kisses as soon as you enter the door.

6. Trust your intuition

It is so easy to listen to words, yet ignore our inner feelings. Dogs are led by their instinct, and they rely on their intuition. We, as human beings, are capable of doing that, too, and should try to focus on paying attention to what our gut tells us because in the end, it’s usually right.

7. Express love every day

Dogs will never fail to display their love for their owner. Every single day, they will be wanting your attention, licking your face and wagging their tail upon seeing you walk through the door.

The minute I shed one tear, Cooper runs over to me and attacks me with kisses. This has shown me that expression of love is important and brings happiness to both your life and others.

All in all, I am a firm believer that if you are a true dog lover, owning a dog can bring so much joy to your life. A dog is called “man’s best friend” for all the reasons listed above, and many more.
Source : Elite Daily 
The Best Memories Are Statistically Proven To Be The Ones You Can’t Remember.
Remember that night? You know the one. That one you can’t remember anything about, yet you can still feel everything? The night you can really only remember by feelings you had during it?

That feeling of happiness, a contentment you hadn’t felt in a while. And love. You remember feeling all this love. This all-consuming adoration you had for your friends, your life and that very moment you can hardly remember.

I’m talking about those nights you shared with your best friends, or your family or those friends who became family while abroad. Those long days that turned into nights, strolling through parks, cities and just feeling so damn happy to be alive.

You go back there a lot. You revert to the time and the place, letting it settle in your mind, letting the feelings of that night flood over you. You see moments, flashing and fleeting, and faces of people you once loved, now love or still love.

You remember those feelings the way you remember a birth or a wedding. They are intense, and all-consuming. You will live 20 years and still feel the weight of them. Those emotions still come rushing back, filling your body, even if the images don’t.

There are no photos, videos or digitized tokens from that night. You can’t soar back to it with a simple glance of a photo or Facebook link to a video you’re praying to God you’re not in. They are memories that weren’t published or clicked on.

There’s just you and the vague recollection of a great time. It’s something just you and your friends can try to recall, only when you’re together, bringing it up and revisiting those feelings all over again.

You can’t see the time or the place, but you remember the laughter and the fun you were having. You remember the love you had for each other, and that love comes back.

That’s what makes these moments so special, because moments that haven’t been digitized and missed because of some technology, are rare.

According to the annual Internet trends report distributed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’s, we’re on our phones an average of 150 times throughout the day.

That’s 150 times we stopped looking around and just looked down. It’s 150 times we refused to be part of the moment, and removed ourselves to digitize it. That’s 150 times out of a small window of 24 hours that you missed a moment.

According to the data, compiled and presented by analyst Mary Meeker, more than 500 million photos are shared every day, with that figure expected to double in the next year.

That’s 500 million times people stopped having an experience to document one. That 500 million times throughout the day that we took ourselves out of the moment and refused to live in it. That’s 500 million pictures of experiences we’re not really having. That’s why those moments we’re not recalling through a photograph or scrolling past on Facebook are the ones we remember the best.

The best memories we hold, the ones that will stay with us for the rest of our lives and relieve us in our darkest moments are not ones we can recall through a photograph or relive through a video.

They are the ones we can’t really remember, can’t sift through our iCloud or send to friends. They are the ones that we lived, experienced and refused to take a second away to try and store for later.
You’re in the moment rather than behind a screen

The moments you can’t run through on your Facebook feed are the ones you want to keep with you. There is no such thing as the captured moment, only a frozen one. Only ones where you’ve stopped being part of the moment and instead become part of a memory; it became a stolen shot. They’re the pictures, videos and tweets that take us out of the moment and prevent the memory from every really forming.

According to a study reported in Daily Mail, at peak times, the average person checks his device around nine times an hour. Checking it almost every six seconds during evening hours, some people unlock their phones over 900 times over an 18-hour period.

It’s the moments you didn’t stop to take out your phone or Go Pro. It’s the time you actually danced to the music rather than stood there filming. They’re the moments you didn’t stop to take a picture, making your friends turn around or judging the aesthetic rather than appreciating it.

Yes, maybe you can’t remember it clearly now, can’t see it for a reminder or add the photo to your friend’s slideshow, but you can still feel it.
You care about what you’re doing now rather than thinking how you’ll look later

We have our social selves and then our social media. Our face and then our Facebooks. Our profiles then our prof pics. Everyone lives a double life: the one you see and the one you stalk.

There’s the side people see out with you… the wild, dirty, messy, sometimes ugly person you are when you’re just being you. Then there’s the cyber you. The cool, hot, always-smiling and having-a-great-time you.

The one who is always at concerts, parties and fabulous fashion shows. You’re looking great, in a fabulous outfit with some fabulous people around you. You’ve done so many cool things. Look, you have the photos to prove it.

And that’s great for you. You definitely made some people jealous, definitely created a life others might even admire. But those pictures don’t compare to the moments you shared secretly and intimately with a select few.

Your fake life doesn’t compare to your real one, the one that people will never know or be able to “like.” You don’t have the moment you ran into Alec Baldwin on the street and shook his hand. No, just you and him hold that moment, no proof.

You don’t have the pictures of those original moments when you were just living. Those ones with your friends, laughing over something you won’t remember in an hour. The moments you forgot to take a photo and just enjoyed it the way it was meant to be: unfocused.
You concentrate harder on how it makes you feel than how it looks

You remember the feeling of the concert, not how close you were to the stage. You remember the rush of the music, not the sound quality you’re able to get on your phone. You remember the energy, the raw electric pulse around you, not just the perfect selfie you could take with the maximum stage view behind you.

Every time you do that, every time you take seconds or minutes to create the perfect reenactment of your experience, you’re actually taking away from it. You’re taking away from the bigger picture, the raw moment and trying to make it something.

Focusing so much on the aesthetic quality of our experience is trying to take something that’s already real and beautiful and copy it. It’s like taking an original and ruining it so you can create 100 knock-offs.

It’s like ripping apart and selling pieces of a perfect piece of fabric, until it’s just little scraps and fragments that don’t mean anything.
Source: Elite Daily
Can you imagine a country with more women than men???
Most say that men are from Mars and women from Venus that's why we don't always understand each other...What happens if there is more than the other living in a country? Can get interesting I guess. Read below...
"The population of Tunisia is 10,982,754" as against 9.9 million in 2004, National Statistics Institute chief Hedi Saidi told a news conference.

"For the first time, there are more women than men," with women making up 50.2% of the population, he added.

Census director Lotfi Hrizi said the survey was carried out on the basis of residence, and the figures include foreigners resident in the North African nation for more than six months.

Tunisians living abroad were not included in the count.

Noureddine Zekri, secretary of state for development and international cooperation, told journalists the census was held as planned this year despite "conditions that were not easy" and "security difficulties" since the 2011 revolution.

Tunisia's first census was held in 1984 and takes place every 10 years. The final results of the sixth census since independence in 1956 will be released in 2015.

Statistics chief Saidi said the cost of the census, held in April and May, "will not be more than 34 million dinars" or nearly 15 million euros ($19 million).
Source: Times Live
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