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The best proposal ever.
So romantic guys still exist. That makes me happy. Check out one of the best proposals I have ever seen. Talk about know your other half.
The Two Types Of People In The World Are Easily Defined By Food
So which one are you? 
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Taylor Swift Shake it Off 1989 Aerobics
Now I was born in this year, but these aerobics videos were always on television while growing up. Guess if you didn't want to go to the gym you could do it right in your living room. This is how perfectly Taylor Swifts 'Shake It Off" goes so well with the dance moves. Enjoy*
Ways social media has shaped our lives for the better?
Yes there are pros and cons for social media. Like it can help you keep in touch with people all over the world just to mention one but then there is the downside of it. Kids get lost in it, or people use it to hack into others personal space. If you were wondering if there are any pros to it. Here are 9 ways it has changed our lives...
1. We have an unmatched “Entrepreneurial Spirit.”

This trait has been ingrained in our culture more by chance than choice. After all, when it comes to getting the life we’ve always wanted, Millennials have learned that it’s not out there waiting for us on a silver platter.

2. We are up-to-date and informed on the political landscape of our world.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has read news articles or researched recently-announced political policies on my cell phone. And I’m definitely not the only one to have had someone make a comment about how typical it is that I can’t tear my eyes away from the screen.

3. We care about social justice.

Amongst young people today, it is no longer cool to simply “not care.” We are informed about what’s going on, and with countless outlets to express our opinions online, through our personal profiles as well as anonymously, we are flooded with opportunity to develop and articulate opinions.

4. We don’t just accept or “tolerate” diversity, we welcome it.

Being in touch with people from cultures all over the world through social media plays a huge part in this. The world is getting smaller through our digital interconnectivity, and our welcoming attitude toward diversity is arguably the biggest pay-out of all.

5. We are connected, and we are compassionate.

A brief scan through my Facebook News Feed provides me with updates on the lives of people from my high school with whom I long ago lost contact.

6. Our “lingo” extends far past “text slang.” After all, we spend more hours a day reading and writing than ever before.

Between texting our friends, writing emails, posting statuses and tweeting, our generation is writing all day long. In addition to that, we are reading just as much, if not more.

7. We are self-aware.

The line between self-aware and self-absorbed is a faint one, and I’ll admit, our generation treads it closely. The natural result of having online profiles on multiple social networks is being all-too conscious of what we think, say and do and how it reflects on who we are.

8. We prioritize health and fitness.

Social media outlets have not only become a trend, they have also given us an opportunity to encourage, advise and motivate one another to a healthier lifestyle.

9. We are determined to defy the expectation.
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Movember starts today!
What happens when you walk around for 10hrs with a hidden camera?
What reaction would you get if you had to do this experiment in South Africa? 
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Your Favorite Marvel Superheroes As Cats.
I love my superheros just like the next guy. Someone thought it well to reimagine as cats. Cats really. Check this out.
1. Black Widow
2. Hulk 
3. Iron Man
4. Spiderman
5. Loki 
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Food For Thought
 Self- actualization is one of those things that every single one of us needs to do in this day and age. I’m black and was born in 1989…wasn’t really apart of the apartheid regime but I do have an understanding of what happened those years.

Hence my decision to look to the future and believe that everyone has a story to tell. Give every person of every culture, every color and gender a chance to be who they want to be and practice their beliefs. I am open - minded and would like to believe that one day all of us would treat each other with respect and that the color of my skin won’t matter.

Last night in a public place I was threatened by a man for no reason other than the color of my skin. This man shoved me and even threatened to break my arms. The people around us stood by as this guy thought it was appropriate to treat another human being with such utter disrespect.

I want you to keep in mind that this is only my experience and my personal opinion. As shocking and humiliating as it was, I Success Katlego Aletta Tia Lekabe refuse to let it change who I am and how I see people and this country. I know that I can’t control the actions of others, I can only control my own. I choose to look to the future and not the past.

Today I want to challenge you to do the same. To build rather than break, to love rather than hate and to treat every fellow South African with the respect that surely you would want to be treated with.

Let’s leave a better world for our children than the one we were born into. Morena boloka sechaba sa rona…God bless our nation!
Talk about going the extra mile.
Surgeons perform open heart surgery under cellphone lights during a black out. How amazing is that. Think these guys deserve an award. or something. Watch this video. 
After this video went viral locals have vowed to help surgeons in Kyrgyzstan who were forced to carry out heart surgery by mobile phone light after a blackout plunged their clinic into darkness - by giving them a generator.
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If you thought you couldn't love Brad Pitt even more...watch this!
Hot as always. This him all glamorous at the premiere of his latest movie Fury at the Newseum in Washington, he looked as dapper as ever.  I MEAN LOOK AT HIM!
Then this happens....He decides to do make a weird video with Jimmy Fallon. It’s not the first time he’s done a weird video with Fallon. I Didn't even know he could do this. Check this out.
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