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Beards are the perfect home for germs and nasties.
It’s the male fashion fad than just won’t die – but some men may want to reconsider their beloved hipster beards after learning they are ‘bacterial sponges’.

Men’s course facial hair is the perfect trap for festering food and bacteria from colds, not to mention germs transferred from hands during a good old beard-stroking session. Add in the incubation effect of heat from the skin and you have the perfect environment for a very grim stew indeed.

Carol Walker, a consultant trichologist from the Birmingham Trichology Centre told the MailOnline: ‘Beards harbour more germs because facial hair is courser than other hair, so traps dirt and germs more easily.’
While one of the great pleasures of a beard may be caressing it like a Bond villain’s cat, this just adds to the problem.

‘If their hands are dirty, they transfer dirt from their hands on to their face and mouth,” says Carol Walker.

And step away from that chai latte…

‘If someone’s eating dairy products it can get stuck in their beard and become a bit rancid.

Factor in the beard’s ‘insulator’ and it’s germ warfare on your chin.

The big question, of course… what becomes of someone on the receiving end of a smooch from a bearded man?

‘If you’re affectionate with someone, if you kiss them, you can pass on bacteria.’
Urgh. Still, there is some good news.Clean beardies have nothing to fear and some experts insist that beards aren’t creepy at all – well, no more so than the rest of the human body.

Professor Hugh Pennington, Professor of Bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen, says: ‘It’s the same bacteria that’s on your skin. It’s not problematic and it’s not a health risk.’

Still… we’re spotting a gap in the market for anti-bacterial beard sanitiser spray here.
Source: Metro UK
Coach Amazingly Saves A Gymnast’s Life Twice In One Minute
A young gymnast struggling with her routine owes her life – and spine, probably – to her coach. Wow that was close. Don't try this at home.
South African doctors make a break through.
The nine-hour operation, which took place in December, was part of a pilot study by Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town and the University of Stellenbosch to help the 250 or so young South African men who lose their penises each year after coming-of-age rituals go wrong.

Doctors said the patient, who was not named, had already recovered full urinary and reproductive functions, and that the procedure could eventually be offered to men who have lost their penis to cancer or as a last resort for severe erectile dysfunction.

"Our goal was that he would be fully functional at two years and we are very surprised by his rapid recovery," Andre van der Merwe, the head of the university's urology unit who led the operation, said in a statement.

Another nine patients have now been lined up to have the operation.

Each year thousands of young South African men, mainly from the Xhosa tribe, mark their passage into manhood by shaving their heads and smearing themselves with white clay from head to toe, living in special huts away from the community for several weeks, and then undergoing ritual circumcision.

But in May 2013, more than 20 youths died after initiation rituals in the northerly Mpumalanga province, prompting rare cross-party calls for reform of a traditional practice.

A few months later, police made several arrests on suspicion of murder after 30 young men died in coming-of-age rituals in rural Eastern Cape. Unlawful circumcisions have been known to injure up to 300 young men across the province in the space of a week.

The South African government has promoted medical circumcisions over the less safe traditional practices. Last year, the Department of Health said it was studying a non-surgical, disposable circumcision device that it believed could also provide a safer alternative.

The Israeli device, PrePex, has been endorsed by the World Health Organization. It has been piloted at several non-profit sites across South Africa but has not yet been introduced in government hospitals. (Editing by James Macharia and Kevin Liffey)
Source: Timeslive
Phil Collins Weekend
It’s Phil Collins Weekend on OFM! Tune in to hear the best from the famous drummer as well as the keyword you need to SMS to 36636 (R1.50/SMS) for the R1000 draw.
Philip David Charles "Phil" Collins, (born 30 January 1951) gained fame as both drummer and lead vocalist for the rock group Genesis, and he gained worldwide fame as a solo artist.

Collins is one of only three recording artists (along with Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson) who have sold over 100 million albums worldwide both as solo artists and (separately) as principal members of a band
He however began a career as a child actor while at the Barbara Speake Stage School and won his first major role as the Artful Dodger in the London production of Oliver! In 1970 he joined Genesis.

Much later he returned to acting. One of his most notable films was Buster, a 1988 British romantic comedy-drama crime film based on characters and events from the Great Train Robbery. It stars Collins, Julie Walters, Larry Lamb and Sheila Hancock. The soundtrack featured two of Collins singles which topped the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.
Madonna reveals whiplash injuries after stage fall.
Appearing on British channel ITV's Jonathan Ross show, the 56-year-old explained: "I didn't hurt my butt, I hurt my head. I know how to fall, I've fallen off my horse many times. I tucked and I have good core strength.

"But the thing is, I had a little bit of a whiplash and I smacked the back of my head. So there was a man standing over me with a flashlight until about 3am making sure I was still compos mentis," she added, according to extracts released on Friday, using the phrase indicating someone is of sound mind.

"Madge" blamed the embarrassing spill at Wednesday's award ceremony in London on having to change her performance between rehearsal and showtime, which meant her extravagant cape had to be tied more tightly around her neck.

"So here I am marching in like the Queen and I got to the top of the stairs and I pulled my silky string and it did not come undone," she said.

"My two lovely Japanese dancers basically strangled me off the stage. I had a choice - I could either be strangled or fall with the cape, and I fell."

Surrounded by muscular dancers wearing bondage-style costumes and horns on their heads, she quickly picked herself up and continued singing "Living For Love", ironically peppered with lines like "I'm not giving up, I'm gonna carry on" and "Lifted me up, and watched me stumble".

"I'm never writing lyrics like that again!," she joked.
Source: Timeslive
Robin Williams' daughter opens up about her father for the first time.
Zelda Williams, 25, insists she doesn't want to know why her famous father took his own life last August and isn't looking for anyone to blame.

She said: "I don't think there's a point. It's not important to ask, because it's done.

"A lot of people who have been through it and lost someone found that...there's no point questioning it, and there's no point blaming anyone else for it, and there's no point blaming yourself, or the world...

"Because it happened, so you have to continue to move, and you have to continue to live, and manage."

Zelda is still mourning the Night at the Museum actor and knows it will take a lot of time to get back to the person she was before her father died.
She told Today: "I think a lot of people feel his absence. For me, especially, it is going to take a lot of work to allow myself to have the sort of fun happy life that I had."

Zelda is thankful for the kind messages she and her brothers Zack, 31, and Cody, 23, have received from fans following Robin's death but she insists the idea people had of him from his public persona was very different to how he was at home.

She said: "It's not to say people didn't know dad. They knew a dad that he was proud of them knowing, because he was an incredibly kind and incredibly caring man.

"He was also very private and very calm and very subdued. And so the side that people know and love and is attached to their childhood is the characters he had so much fun being...that's not going anywhere.

"Of course, it's lovely when people say my condolence. But for the most part it's nice to have our private life be our private life."
Source: Channel24
AB De Villiers jou Koning.
While AB de Villiers' knock left most pundits speechless, the Twittersphere was flooded with admiration for the Proteas star.
He led by example and made sure what happened in the previous match against India didn't happen again. What a legend and true captain.  Proud of AB De Villiers.
Bryan Adams Weekend
It’s Bryan Adams weekend on OFM! Tune in to hear the best from this musical icon as well as the keyword you need to SMS to go into the draw for R1000!
Bryan Guy Adams (born 5 November 1959) is a Canadian singer, musician, producer, actor, social activist, and photographer. Adams has been one of the most successful figures of the world of rock music during last three decades.

For his contributions to music, Adams has garnered many awards and nominations, including 20 Juno Awards among 56 nominations, 15 Grammy Award nominations including a win for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television in 1992. He has also won MTV, ASCAP, American Music awards, two Ivor Novello Awards for song composition and has been nominated five times for Golden Globe Awards and three times for Academy Awards for his songwriting for films.

Adams was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in March 2011 and Canada's Walk of Fame in 1998, and in April 2006 he was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at Canada's Juno Awards.

The music video made for Cloud Number Nine, features mainly the colour white. Bryan is dressed in all white, in a white room with an Asian woman who is body painted all white. Various images and things that are white are featured in the video such as milk, white paint, eggs, a dove, and a white dog. The video contains several elements seen in Adams' previous music video, "When You're Gone" - most notably the tape recorder and the apples.

Compare the music videos here:
Source: Wikipedia
Vin Diesel serenades us this Valentine's Day

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