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The Best Memories Are Statistically Proven To Be The Ones You Can’t Remember.
Remember that night? You know the one. That one you can’t remember anything about, yet you can still feel everything? The night you can really only remember by feelings you had during it?

That feeling of happiness, a contentment you hadn’t felt in a while. And love. You remember feeling all this love. This all-consuming adoration you had for your friends, your life and that very moment you can hardly remember.

I’m talking about those nights you shared with your best friends, or your family or those friends who became family while abroad. Those long days that turned into nights, strolling through parks, cities and just feeling so damn happy to be alive.

You go back there a lot. You revert to the time and the place, letting it settle in your mind, letting the feelings of that night flood over you. You see moments, flashing and fleeting, and faces of people you once loved, now love or still love.

You remember those feelings the way you remember a birth or a wedding. They are intense, and all-consuming. You will live 20 years and still feel the weight of them. Those emotions still come rushing back, filling your body, even if the images don’t.

There are no photos, videos or digitized tokens from that night. You can’t soar back to it with a simple glance of a photo or Facebook link to a video you’re praying to God you’re not in. They are memories that weren’t published or clicked on.

There’s just you and the vague recollection of a great time. It’s something just you and your friends can try to recall, only when you’re together, bringing it up and revisiting those feelings all over again.

You can’t see the time or the place, but you remember the laughter and the fun you were having. You remember the love you had for each other, and that love comes back.

That’s what makes these moments so special, because moments that haven’t been digitized and missed because of some technology, are rare.

According to the annual Internet trends report distributed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’s, we’re on our phones an average of 150 times throughout the day.

That’s 150 times we stopped looking around and just looked down. It’s 150 times we refused to be part of the moment, and removed ourselves to digitize it. That’s 150 times out of a small window of 24 hours that you missed a moment.

According to the data, compiled and presented by analyst Mary Meeker, more than 500 million photos are shared every day, with that figure expected to double in the next year.

That’s 500 million times people stopped having an experience to document one. That 500 million times throughout the day that we took ourselves out of the moment and refused to live in it. That’s 500 million pictures of experiences we’re not really having. That’s why those moments we’re not recalling through a photograph or scrolling past on Facebook are the ones we remember the best.

The best memories we hold, the ones that will stay with us for the rest of our lives and relieve us in our darkest moments are not ones we can recall through a photograph or relive through a video.

They are the ones we can’t really remember, can’t sift through our iCloud or send to friends. They are the ones that we lived, experienced and refused to take a second away to try and store for later.
You’re in the moment rather than behind a screen

The moments you can’t run through on your Facebook feed are the ones you want to keep with you. There is no such thing as the captured moment, only a frozen one. Only ones where you’ve stopped being part of the moment and instead become part of a memory; it became a stolen shot. They’re the pictures, videos and tweets that take us out of the moment and prevent the memory from every really forming.

According to a study reported in Daily Mail, at peak times, the average person checks his device around nine times an hour. Checking it almost every six seconds during evening hours, some people unlock their phones over 900 times over an 18-hour period.

It’s the moments you didn’t stop to take out your phone or Go Pro. It’s the time you actually danced to the music rather than stood there filming. They’re the moments you didn’t stop to take a picture, making your friends turn around or judging the aesthetic rather than appreciating it.

Yes, maybe you can’t remember it clearly now, can’t see it for a reminder or add the photo to your friend’s slideshow, but you can still feel it.
You care about what you’re doing now rather than thinking how you’ll look later

We have our social selves and then our social media. Our face and then our Facebooks. Our profiles then our prof pics. Everyone lives a double life: the one you see and the one you stalk.

There’s the side people see out with you… the wild, dirty, messy, sometimes ugly person you are when you’re just being you. Then there’s the cyber you. The cool, hot, always-smiling and having-a-great-time you.

The one who is always at concerts, parties and fabulous fashion shows. You’re looking great, in a fabulous outfit with some fabulous people around you. You’ve done so many cool things. Look, you have the photos to prove it.

And that’s great for you. You definitely made some people jealous, definitely created a life others might even admire. But those pictures don’t compare to the moments you shared secretly and intimately with a select few.

Your fake life doesn’t compare to your real one, the one that people will never know or be able to “like.” You don’t have the moment you ran into Alec Baldwin on the street and shook his hand. No, just you and him hold that moment, no proof.

You don’t have the pictures of those original moments when you were just living. Those ones with your friends, laughing over something you won’t remember in an hour. The moments you forgot to take a photo and just enjoyed it the way it was meant to be: unfocused.
You concentrate harder on how it makes you feel than how it looks

You remember the feeling of the concert, not how close you were to the stage. You remember the rush of the music, not the sound quality you’re able to get on your phone. You remember the energy, the raw electric pulse around you, not just the perfect selfie you could take with the maximum stage view behind you.

Every time you do that, every time you take seconds or minutes to create the perfect reenactment of your experience, you’re actually taking away from it. You’re taking away from the bigger picture, the raw moment and trying to make it something.

Focusing so much on the aesthetic quality of our experience is trying to take something that’s already real and beautiful and copy it. It’s like taking an original and ruining it so you can create 100 knock-offs.

It’s like ripping apart and selling pieces of a perfect piece of fabric, until it’s just little scraps and fragments that don’t mean anything.
Source: Elite Daily
Can you imagine a country with more women than men???
Most say that men are from Mars and women from Venus that's why we don't always understand each other...What happens if there is more than the other living in a country? Can get interesting I guess. Read below...
"The population of Tunisia is 10,982,754" as against 9.9 million in 2004, National Statistics Institute chief Hedi Saidi told a news conference.

"For the first time, there are more women than men," with women making up 50.2% of the population, he added.

Census director Lotfi Hrizi said the survey was carried out on the basis of residence, and the figures include foreigners resident in the North African nation for more than six months.

Tunisians living abroad were not included in the count.

Noureddine Zekri, secretary of state for development and international cooperation, told journalists the census was held as planned this year despite "conditions that were not easy" and "security difficulties" since the 2011 revolution.

Tunisia's first census was held in 1984 and takes place every 10 years. The final results of the sixth census since independence in 1956 will be released in 2015.

Statistics chief Saidi said the cost of the census, held in April and May, "will not be more than 34 million dinars" or nearly 15 million euros ($19 million).
Source: Times Live
Ellen DeGeneres doing some booty popping.
Funny lady Ellen doing a spoof on Nicki Minaj's raunchy video Anaconda and I think she might have pulled some muscles doing this. I know I would've. LOL!
What would you do with this much wool?
Earlier this week, Shaun the sheep shot to fame as he got his first haircut in six years. We take a look at how many jumpers you could knit from the world's woolliest sheep.

A few days ago, a Tasmanian sheep nicknamed "Shaun" was found and shorn for the first time in his life (and he's six years old). Unfortunately, he didn't quite beat the previous record for most wool shorn off a sheep, missing the target by almost 8lbs.

That record still belongs to now-deceased Shrek, who also avoided being shorn for six or seven years - but his wool weighed in at a whopping 60lbs (27kg).
*Source -
Looks like Drones might be taking over the world...

Google has announced a program developing an army of flying drones that will deliver packages to people’s homes.

The program, known as “Project Wing,” will compete with Amazon’s drone fleet, which is already carrying out test-runs to customers of the online store.

Exactly what Google’s drones will be delivering is unclear because, aside from Google Glass and a few other gadgets, the tech giant doesn’t exclusively sell many physical products.

The impression is that you’ll be able to select the drones as a delivery option whenever you make an online purchase (except from Amazon and other competitors) or mail something, with the package set to arrive at its destination on the same day shipped.

Project Wing’s price tag remains unknown.

According to NPR, Google estimates a few more years will go by before the drone fleet is ready, but the company says test flights successfully delivered a first aid kit, dog treats and some candy bars over the distance of half a mile to farmers in Australia two weeks ago.

Google and Amazon both need government approval to fly drones for commercial use, a step Amazon has a slight lead on considering it already asked the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to expand the limits of its test flights last month.

The drones will be made in Google’s “X” laboratory, which is also working on self-driving cars, balloons that will supply third-world countries with Internet access and contact lenses that monitor glucose levels in diabetics and provide close-proximity sight for the visually impaired.

Google’s higher-ups are reportedly very confident in these endeavors, but investors have reportedly voiced concern over the lack of guarantee that any of these products will truly change the world as the company intends.
*Source - Elite Daily
8-Year-Old Moves Army Vet To Tears By Donating Her Lemonade Stand Profits To Him.
You are never to young to make a difference. This 8 year old girl called Rachel Mennett who hadn’t even met Nicholas Bailey before deciding to generously help him, shows us how an random act of kindness can go a long way or even change a life. How are you  changing the world you are living in?
The best Wrecking ball spoof ever.
Our Public Protector Thuli Mandonsela has had her hands full with the president. Guess this explains it all. Here is to our Lady with an Iron Fist. Viva Thuli Viva!
 *Source - YouTube
Orlando Bloom our hero after taking a swing at Justin Bieber
Ok, he has been under the radar after this past week. This Lord of The Rings hunk came to our attention not only because he broke it off with his ever sexy ex - wife and baby mama Miranda Kerr BUT because he took a swing at the ever so troubled Justin Bieber. Sad thing is that he missed. We all know Justin needs a bit of discipline. Who either than Orlando Bloom to punch him in the right direction. Here are some funny reactions from people after that alteration.
1. BGD @BlackGirlDanger

I know everybody loves Orlando Bloom now because he took a swing at Bieber, but I kinda hate him now because he missed.
2.  In the Kan @InTheKan

When you take a swing at someone and their bodyguards intervene... #OrlandoBloom #OrlandoVSJustin
3. Jimmy Fallon:
4. Orlando himself :
If you not having a laugh right now....hmmm
Dressed up peaches?
Businessman decided to dress fruits in miniature underwear after spotting the similarities between peaches and women's derriere.
He said: "They're sweet, tasty, sexy, and funny."

Mr Yan enlisted the services of a lingerie firm to create the miniature pants and his fruit pickers then dress each peach by hand.

"The people who supply our pants make lingerie for some of the most exclusive designer labels in the world," he said.

"There's nothing tacky about them at all," said Yao.

"Some of them are black and lacy, some are thongs. We cover all tastes and we can do special commissions too.

"We had one special client who wanted all nine peaches wearing leather knickers with studs and chains.

"There's nothing we'd be too embarrassed to handle," he added.

My Opinion: Yea fair enough food is supposed to be enticing, but this is taking it a step too far. Only in China. 
Jennifer Lopez has water mite named after her by grateful biologists 'united by her music'
Litarachna lopezae is the bug's name thanks to scientists working 230ft deep in treacherous waters off the coast of Puerto Rico

Sexy singer Jennifer Lopez, world famous for her looks and talent, has a new claim to fame... a bug has been named after her.

Scientists working 230ft deep in treacherous waters off the coast of Puerto Rico - where the Bronx-born singer's parents come from - came across a new species of water mite.

Because they had been listening to J-Lo's music while they worked, they all agreed the mite would be named Litarachna lopezae in her honour.

One of the biologists, Vladimir Pesic, from the University of Montenegro, said he and the other scientists had argued passionately about the World Cup - but not about the music they listened to.

"The reason behind the unusual choice of name for the new species is simple: J-Lo's songs and videos kept the team in a continuous good mood when writing the manuscript and watching World Cup Soccer 2014," he said.
"As European, I supported Germany, but the whole team was united with J-Lo songs," he wrote.

The mite was found on a coral reef in Mona Passage, a body of water separating Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

He said naming it after J-Lo was a 'small token of gratitude' for the singer of hits such as Ain't It Funny, I Luh Ya Papi and his personal favourite, All I Have.

She is not the only celebrity to have organisms named after her. Mick Jagger has a type of trilobite named after him, a spider was named after U2's Bono and a marine parasite found only in the Caribbean sea was named after Bob Marley.

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