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Ever wished your donkey was a motorbike?
Probably not. In fact, we’d be surprised if you even own a donkey.

Nevertheless, this man clearly did wish his donkey was a motorbike and, presumably through the power of magic, has succeeded in transforming it into one.

It takes a few attempts to start and the man has to get off to check that everything’s working but after that, it runs like a dream.

It beats a regular motorbike any day of the week.

Source: Metro UK
What's this world coming to?
It is getting easier and cheaper to spy on your partner or business rival these days.

For as little as R280, a suspicious husband or wife - or a deceitful businessman - can buy a listening device online. For a bit extra, there are also clocks, sunglasses and alarm system "eyes" with built-in clandestine cameras.

Security experts and detective agencies said this week that there was massive growth in this market, with clients asking for these gadgets.

"We have quite a few people phoning us about matrimonial cases," said Alan Carey, director of Durban-based Justicia Investigations. "A lot of times, when we speak to them, they say that they have these suspicions because they had already bought and used a particular device."

Increasingly common are small electronic devices that are activated remotely. A SIM card is inserted into the device and, when that number is dialled, the person calling can listen to what is being said nearby. Carey said this was used as much in matrimonial cases as in industrial espionage.

"One [client] actually took out the top wooden panel of the door of a flat he owned in Joburg that his wife was going up to and placed the device there. He then dialled in and listened in to a conversation and realised that his wife wasn't alone in the flat. He came to us, said his wife was going back to Joburg and asked if we could go and do surveillance," said Carey.

These kinds of devices are available across South Africa, not only in online stores.

Manhar Parshotam, owner of Dragon Protection Services, said: "You can get them pretty much anywhere these days."

They were usually used when cheating was suspected. "We see them used for incidents involving husbands and wives, that's the most common. But you also see people do it for business reasons, such as recording their business partners if the relationship has soured. People are also doing it in meetings," said Parshotam.

Space Television, an electronics store in Durban, stocks these and more sophisticated devices. Among them are an alarm clock with a motion-sensing camera for R1800, a wireless alarm system "eye" with a high-definition camera for R2300, and even a replica car key with a microphone and camera. The key costs just over R1000 and salesman Khulekani Dlamini said it was usually used to secretly record business meetings.

Arguably the most advanced device is a pair of sunglasses with a camera built into the frame. While this is largely used for recreation, particularly by cyclists wanting to record their ride, it is also used for clandestine recording. The glasses cost R1755.

Dlamini said most of the customers who wanted these products suspected their domestic workers of stealing from them.

"But there are people who come and say straight out that they think their partner is up to something," he said.

Carey was particularly concerned, however, at how such devices were being used for industrial espionage.

"If you know a meeting is taking place in a boardroom at, say, 10am tomorrow, you could buy the device, get some double-sided tape and stick it under the table. Then all you have to do is dial in and you would be able to listen in. It's that easy."

Carey's company has reported an increase in calls from big businesses asking to sweep their offices for bugging devices.

"In the first three or four months of the year we received on average two or three calls a week. In the past, if we did one or two debugs a month, that was a lot," said Carey.

But Dave Miller, of Sleuth Investigative Services, said these low-cost devices were unreliable and the batteries did not last more than a few hours. "Most say they are reliable, but they're not. Some stuff ... is ineffective, cheap junk."

Source: Sunday Times
Calling on all the Moomin fans
The Moomins was one of the best loved (and strangest) TV shows for kids in the 90s.

But do you love the hippos enough to book a Moomin themed spa package holiday in Finland? Now there’s a question.

To celebrate the release of the new Moomin film, the brilliantly titled Moomins on the Riviera, and the 70th anniversary of the first ever Moomin book this year, the Finnish resort of Naantali Spa is launching a Moomin Package from June 2015.

Naantali itself is the hometown of Moomin author and illustrator Tove Jansson, and even boasts a Moomin World theme park. Who knew?!

The hotel package includes a three-night stay in one of Naantali Spa’s Moomin themed bedrooms (decorated with Moomin art, bedspreads and mugs), alongside family entry to Moomin World, and complimentary access to the resort’s pool and sauna facilities.

A mini train collects guests from Naantali Spa and transports them across the waters of the archipelago to the magical world of the Moomins where they can explore the famous Moominhouse, listen to stories at Snufkin’s Camp or go for a boat ride with Moominpappa.

What could be more relaxing for a die hard Moomin fan?

Source: Metro UK
90's weekend on OFM and a chance to win R1000
• It was filmed in the Staten Island Mall, New York and directed by Evan Bernard.

• Front man Gregg Alexander chose the setting as a metaphor for society —a fake, controlled environment engineered    to encourage spending.

• The video showed a group of teenagers led by Alexander, going through the mall wreaking havoc.
Just for the fun of it a cute video. LOL
This bat eating grapes is so cute even a young Bruce Wayne would find it hard to be scared of her.

We all know Batman had chiroptophobia when he was a little boy – but had he come across this one, his heart would have probably melted like the rest of ours.

The YouTube video shows the cute grey-headed flying-fox bat stuffing her face with fruit.

‘This female bat recently rescued is very happy to stuff her face with green grapes, red grapes – any grapes,’ wrote Megabattie, who posted the video.

He added: ‘This bat is not a pet – she’s a wild animal who was rescued, nursed back to health, and released, fatter and healthier, and still pregnant, about six weeks after she was rescued, almost dead.’

Luckily she is still around and impressing us all with her appetite for fruit.

Source: Metro UK
Could we love Ed Sheeran any more.
The love guru has only gone and done it again. Could we love him any more?

Superstar and fan of love Ed Sheeran last night invited a man on stage in the middle of his gig so that he could propose to his girlfriend. Admitting on Twitter that he welled up during the moment, Ed Sheeran watched after singing All Of The Stars as the loved-up man popped the question.

Ed is fast getting a reputation as a love guru after facilitating proposals and singing at fans’ weddings (Ian West/PA Wire)

As a captive audience of Sheeran fans watched, the man said: ‘I’m just thinking out loud here, but y’know I’ve met a lot of people in my days and to come across someone so amazing, so talented and so beautiful inside and out, I knew there was no way, no way I was going to let her go. I thought to myself, I better grab her and hold on for dear life.’

The lady in question accepted the heartwarming proposal before the pair received hugs from Ed to loud cheers from the crowd.

The moving moment comes just weeks after Sheeran sent a video to a terminally ill man on his wedding day.
Source: Metro UK
The funny but true differences between men and woman.
Take That Weekend
 • Released on 13 December 1993, it became Take That's third single in a row to go straight to number one on the UK Singles Chart.
• The single sold 350,000 copies in 1993, and was that year's 14th biggest-selling single.
• The song was certified platinum on 1 January 1994 for shipments of over 600,000 copies in the UK.
• It was featured in the Only Fools and Horses episode "Fatal Extraction" broadcast on 25 December 1993, the day that the song had been knocked off number one in the singles chart.
• The music video for “Babe” was the first to involve the members using drama and acting out a story.
• It shows Mark Owen returning from war and trying to track down a loved one.
• It also includes clips of the band performing the song while standing around Gary Barlow.
• The last few seconds show happier outtakes of the band.
Leon Schuster is back...
Filming on Leon Schuster’s latest comedy caper has now completed. Fans can catch their first glimpse of Schuks! Pay Back the Money!, as the teaser trailer releases today in cinemas nationwide.

In Schuks! Pay Back the Money!, Schuks inadvertently loses rugby’s Holy Grail – the Currie Cup – and what follows is a hilarious journey to pay for what he has done.

The film reunites the South African funny man with another comedy giant Desmond Dube, who also appeared in Panic Mechanic (1996) and The Millennium Menace (1999), as well as Ivan D. Lucas and Gerrit Schoonhoven, reprising the roles of bumbling villains Bossie and Savage from 1991’s Short 'n' Sweet. Adding a touch of glamour, SA Idols finalist and South African theatre award winner Bianca Le Grange makes her big screen debut in the movie.

In addition to the laugh-a-minute missing Currie Cup adventure, the movie is also rich with candid camera gags for which Schuster is so well known and which feature a host of well-known South African personalities and celebrities - both past and current.

Schuks! Pay Back the Money! also reunites the highly successful Schuster team with producer André Scholtz and director and co-writer Gray Hofmeyr. Says Scholtz: “After I read the script I said that there was no way I wasn't getting involved. The storyline was laugh-out loud funny and I knew that, together with the abundant list of fresh, new candid camera gags, this was going to be a truly hysterically funny film.”

Scholtz, who has worked with Schuster on films such as You Must Be Joking!, Panic Mechanic, Sweet 'n Short and Oh Schuks...I’m Gatvol, says Schuster is returning to his roots as South Africa’s foremost prankster and funny guy in this movie.

Schuks! Pay Back the Money! releases in cinemas on 28 August, 2015 and will be distributed by The Walt Disney Company Africa under the Touchstone Pictures banner.
Source: Channel24
Afrikaans romantic comedy French Toast opening in cinemas nationwide.
Shot over three months in beautiful locations in South Africa and France it has that international appeal that will definitely draw in viewers.

When photographer Lisa (Lika Berning) discovers that she has a sibling somewhere in France she sets off to Paris to find her lost brother or sister. There she meets French chef Jean-Pierre (Thierry Ballarin) who agrees to help her find her sibling if she takes the pictures for the new cookbook he is working on.
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