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First you twist it, then lick it, then dunk it.
We’ve seen some pretty awesome things done with Oreo cookies lately.

Whether it’s transforming them into hybrid food creations like the Oreo churro, cranking out a bunch of new flavors or turning them into beauty products, there are plenty of ways to get creative with these classic cookies.

But just when you thought you’ve seen every Oreo snack you could think of, someone gave America’s favorite cookie an alcoholic makeover that’s getting a lot of buzz. That’s right, drunken Oreos are now a real thing, and they’re the boozy snack every party needs.

Created by the culinary geniuses over at Foodbeast, these delectable alcoholic Oreos simply swap out the normal Oreo filling for a homemade center that lets you get your drink on while simultaneously enjoying a delicious snack.

Foodbeast also recommends ditching the glass of milk and dunking your drunken Oreos in a White Russian for the ultimate boozy snack.

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on these almighty cookies, you’ll be glad to know that you can make them yourself since Foodbeast was nice enough to reveal how it’s done.

To make these tasty little treats, you’ll need is some Oreo pudding mix, milk, booze and a package of Oreos, of course.

All you have to do is make the pudding using milk and alcohol, then set it aside. As the pudding cools off, start popping open the Oreos and scraping the boring non-boozy frosting off of them.

After you have an arsenal of cleanly scraped Oreo cookies, add the new, boozy cream filling, and voila! You now have a stuffed snack that will make you see double in no time.

Check out the video to see how these boozy snacks are made.

Source: Elite Daily
Animal lover builds dream house for cats
When he bought the house in 1988 he initially adopted two cats that lived on the property.
 Peter Cohen built a spiral staircase for cats in his house in California.
 The cats chill out on ledges.
Source: Metro
SA Fliek oor liefde
Johnny Clegg Weekend
Johnny Clegg is one of South Africa’s most celebrated sons and this weekend OFM is playing all of his hits! During the show you have a chance to win R1000 but you’ll have to tune in to hear the keyword you need to SMS to go into the draw.
At the age of 14, Clegg met Zulu street musician Charlie Mzila, who taught him Zulu music and dancing. In 1969 Clegg and Mchunu met in Johannesburg and he challenged Clegg to a guitar contest, and the two became friends. Soon, they were performing together on the streets and in what few other unofficial venues a multi-racial band could safely play in under apartheid.
They were forced to keep a low profile and their success came from word of mouth instead of through traditional publicity. Clegg himself was arrested and beaten up by the police on several occasions for his activities and also for the band's lyrics.
 Sources: Wikipedia & 21 Icons
A man's best friend.
When her beloved dog was diagnosed with cancer, Lauren Fern Watt made her a bucket list.

Watt, 25, adopted the 8-year-old English Mastiff in her home state of Tennessee and named her Gizelle. They were inseparable, managing both college and a move to New York City together.

The pair became more than just owner and pet because Gizelle provided a support system, as Watt writes in a personal essay for Yahoo! Travel.

So when a vet diagnosed the 160-pound dog with terminal bone cancer, Watt made the decision to thank Gizelle for her years of love with a final series of happy afternoons, long naps and doggy adventures.
They road tripped through New England with one of Watt’s closest friends, as Gizelle poked her oversize nose out the window.
The pair paid tribute to their Tennessee roots with a quiet trip to a lake and two containers of sweet vanilla ice cream, which they shared.
They took a trip to Times Square early in the morning so Gizelle could sightsee before all the tourists got out of bed.
Gizelle often snuggled into Watt’s arms, forgetting about her size and relying on the comfort of the embrace.
Source: Elite Daily
Pay it forward pizza restaurant.
An innovative pizza restaurant has started a scheme where customers can ‘pay it forward’ and buy a homeless person a slice.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia is known for its $1 slices and has provided 8,500 portions to homeless people in the last nine months.

Rosa’s owner, Mason Wartman, explained the pay it forward scheme came about when a customer randomly asked if they could buy a homeless person a slice.

The 27-year-old entrepeneur simply ‘took his dollar and ran out and got some Post-it notes and put one up to signify that a slice was purchased.’
Until he reached 500 slices, he kept track of this phenomenon using the Post-it notes until the sheer number of customers willing to participate forced him to log the charitable deeds using the register.

Here are just a few examples of the messages that people left, as reported by NPR: ‘I just want to thank everyone that donated to Rosa’s.

‘It gave me a place to eat everyday and the opportunity to get back on my feet.

‘I start a new job tomorrow!
The owner, Mason Wartman, a former Wall Street equity researcher, making a pizza.
The Queen who reigns on the big screen.
Why Meryl Streep Deserves A Lifetime Achievement Award
 Another year, another Academy Award nomination for Meryl Streep.

Although she holds the record for the most nominated actress, and even though it seems like she wins awards all the time, The Streeper has only received three Oscars.

Her first win was in 1980 for “Kramer vs. Kramer,” and her second was three years later for “Sophie’s Choice.”

Streep didn’t win again until 2012 for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.”

Many would agree that she was snubbed in 2007 when she was nominated for her role in “The Devil Wears Prada,” but did not win.

Others might argue that she missed out on a deserving Oscar for her spot-on Julia Child impression in 2009’s “Julie & Julia.”

One thing is for sure: Meryl Streep continues to steal the hearts of her audience members for the simple reason that she disappears so flawlessly into her characters.

The core truth of an actor’s job is just that — to seamlessly become the role.

As viewers, we want to watch a story unfold. We want to see the characters themselves, not the actors portraying them.

This isn’t always easy.

There are some actors who have trouble transitioning into their characters to the point that we are hyper-aware we’re watching a celebrity. With Streep, that is never the case.

We are able to forget we are watching Meryl Streep, the actress, and to be swept away by her performances.

We can say this about any of her films. In “The Devil Wears Prada,” Streep’s rendition of fictional magazine editor Miranda Priestly is so detailed and nuanced.

We watch this movie over and over, not just because Adrian Grenier is hot, and not just for Emily Blunt’s eyeshadow, but because everything Streep does is fascinating.

Her iconic portrayal in the film can be captured in the infamous cerulean sweater scene.

From the inflection of her voice to her delicate body language, Streep is 100 percent immersed in the character, and she is so fun to watch.

Another reason to love Meryl Streep is that she tackles such a variety of roles.

You could never accuse anyone of type-casting her because she is able to play any part, no matter what the demands.

Even though some might have questioned her vocal abilities in “Mamma Mia!,” she was able to pull off the musical’s female lead with passion, vigor and vibrancy.

It almost didn’t matter if she hit a couple of wrong notes because we still believed her as this role.

With that said, any doubts that may have existed in 2008 over Streep’s singing have been completely obliterated with her recent role in “Into the Woods.”

Streep portrays The Witch, a role made famous on Broadway by Bernadette Peters. Peters is a stage legend, and she is absolutely worshipped in the theatre world.

Streep certainly had big shoes to fill. As The Witch, she was given some of the most challenging songs in the musical theatre repertoire.

The Witch’s swan song “Last Midnight” is known for its difficult rhythms, and it’s a number that calls for a powerful belt, one that would leave goosebumps on audience members’ arms.

To say Streep killed this song would be an understatement. She sounded incredible, and the special effects of the scene created a show-stopping moment for the actress.

Furthermore, Streep created a fresh character out of the role.

It’s easy to settle into the comfort of tradition when approaching a role that has been played many times before by other women. Instead of riding on the coattails of her predecessors, she made different choices and offered a new take on The Witch.

Streep has received a best supporting actress nomination for her role in “Into the Woods,” and she is facing some stiff competition.

Her fellow nominees are Patricia Arquette (“Boyhood”), Laura Dern (“Wild”), Keira Knightley (“The Imitation Game”) and Emma Stone (“Birman”), all of whom are stellar actresses and put on great performances in their respective works.

Considering all of her previous success, as well as the amount of incredible detail she has contributed to four decades worth of roles, Meryl Streep is overdue for some recognition on a larger scale.

Source: Elite Daily
Did he find true love?
A man who took a stranger with the same name as his ex on holiday with him around the world after being dumped has returned home, but did he find true love with his travelling companion?

Sadly the answer was no.

Elizabeth Gallagher, 23, did say she enjoyed the trip with heartbroken Jordan Axani, 28, but only saw him ‘as a brother’.
This was despite him taking her to locations such as Milan, New York and Vienna.

Potential love between the two Canadians was made even more unlikely by the fact she already had a boyfriend, who wasn’t too happy about her going on the trip.

‘We probably got along better because we were strangers. We didn’t have a relationship to break,’ said Ms Gallagher when talking about her time with Mr Axani.
He had offered his ex-girlfriend’s ticket on Reddit to anyone who had the same name as her and was from the same country.

The trip begun on December 21 and ended on January 8.
Grooms Seeing Brides For The First Time
It’s a common practice for brides to remain unseen by their grooms on the wedding day — of course, that is, until she walks down the aisle.

In a similar vein, grooms-to-be aren’t supposed to see their future wives in their wedding dresses until the actual wedding.

Combined, these traditions amount to a ton of suspense — and excited curiosity — prior to the reveal on the big day.

Mitchell Reilly Pictures came up with a brilliant idea: It created a montage video capturing grooms’ reactions upon seeing their brides for the first time.

From surprised and awestruck to full-on teary, the men’s reactions are positively moving, and this video will make you “aww” harder than anything you’ve ever seen.
Source: Elite Daily
Win with Sting Weekend on OFM!
It’s Sting Weekend on OFM! During the show you have a chance to win R1000 but you’ll have to tune in to hear the keyword you need to SMS to go into the draw.

Tune in to hear which song is about a castaway, which he wrote about his divorce and which in response to Y2K.

Sting, is an English musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, activist, actor and philanthropist. He was principal songwriter, lead singer, and bassist for the new wave rock band The Police before a solo career. He has included rock, jazz, reggae, classical, new-age and worldbeat in his music.

Check out his Brand New Day music video:
Sources: Wikipedia &
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