Your Early Morning with Zelda Goetz

OFM, central South Africa's number one radio station broadcasts to the heart South Africa. If you find difficulty when you tune into the sound of your life at home or on the road make sure you are connected with the number one frequency in your area.

Check out the OFM frequency list below:

Transmitter Frequency
Bethlehem 95.1 FM
Barkley West 94.2 FM
Bloemfontein 96.2 FM
Boshof 94.2 FM
Christiana 96.8 FM
Colesburg 95.8 FM
Douglas 96.1 FM
Ficksburg 96.9 FM
Kimberley 94.2 FM
Klerksdorp 94.4 FM
Kroonstad 96.6 FM
Kuruman 95.6 FM
Ladybrand  95.3 FM 
Petrus Steyn  95.5 FM 
Potchefstroom  94.0 FM 
Prieska  94.0 FM 
Sasolburg  93.7 FM 
Schweizer Reneke  96.3 FM 
Senekal  94.3 FM
Springfontein  95.8 FM 
Theunissen  95.7 FM 
Upington  94.9 FM 
Ventersburg  94.3 FM 
Vryburg  96.3 FM 
Warrenton  96.3 FM 
Welkom  95.7 FM