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The Big Radio Registration

2024 is the year of so much more on OFM, the Sound of Your Life! And, because you, our valued listener, is so much more than just a number to us, we want to find out more about who you are.

Register as an official OFM listener and you’ll receive a unique code with which you could unlock extra benefits and prizes throughout the rest of 2024.

  • To start, ensure you’ve downloaded the Telegram app on your smart phone and that you save OFM as a contact – 084 222 9497. Follow this link for easy access: http://t.me/OFM9497.
  • Open Telegram and start a new to OFM with ‘register’.
  • Follow the prompts and complete the questionnaire.
  • You should then receive a unique code starting with OFM and followed by seven digits, for example: OFM1234567.

This code will be connected to the number registered to use the Telegram account and cannot be shared amongst users. One cellphone number, one unique user code.

Retain your number for later use in OFM promotions throughout 2024.

OFM, bringing you so much more in 2024!

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