Win with OFM R10k Triple Play!

This winter, OFM’s bringing you even more chances to win big! Aside from the regular instalments of Cash Call, we’re also giving the opportunity to win a whopping R10 000 cash just by listening closely…

Catch three songs from the same artist play back-to-back on OFM, 27 July – 7 August 2020, and then Telegram the keyword “R10k” to enter. One of OFM’s presenters will phone a randomly selected entrant back and you will be required to answer the following:

  • The name of the artist in the triple play;
  • The names of each of the songs played;
  • And, the order in which these played.

For each correct answer you will be rewarded with R2 000 cash!

Should you not be able to identify the artist, OFM will move on to the next contestant and give them a chance to answer.

After the relevant artist has been identified, a new triple play will be loaded for you to identify. This will continue for the duration of the competition.

The triple plays are scheduled at random, so you will need to stay tuned glued to your radio for a chance to enter.

OFM’s general competition rules apply.  However, in the spirit of Christmas in July, our 60-day rule won't apply. Thus, even if you have won something on any of our channels the past 60 days, you are still eligible to win the prize!

Please note, no under 18s please.

For a clue on who our current mystery triple play artist is, play the memory game below.

Click on the tiles that have three of the same faces, fill in the entry form and you’re in the draw for a R1000 cash, simple as that!

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