All Request Summer

18 - 30 December 2017 is All Request Summer on OFM, the sound of your life!

Dedicate a song to that special someone and you could win OFM’s awesome summer cool kit, which includes a Coastline Beach Bag, Inflatable Beach Ball, Aloha Beach Chair, and Iceberg Cooler (able to hold 16 cans) – perfect for inland use as well.

Whatsapp your request with keyword ‘summer’ to 084 222 9497 and we could be getting you on air to send that shoutout and win. Remember data rates apply.

At OFM we love music and we love summer!

Spur's 50th Birthday Celebrations: CHOC House outside broadcast
Spur's 50th Birthday Celebrations: Burning Spear Spur party
Spur 50th Birthday Celebrations: Silver Chief Spur Party, Bloemfontein
Spur 50th Birthday: OFM outside broadcast Safe Park
City Hall in Bloemfontein on fire
Video: Bloemfontein City Hall going up in flames
Graan SA se Nampo Oesdag 2017
Nampo Harvest Day: School children
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