Mommy Matters - Take some time off & try some DIY decor
13:42 Mon, 22 Sep 2014
Mommy Matters - Take some time off & try some DIY decor | News Article
Being a mom is hard work and often we forget to take some time off for ourselves. We tend to forget that we can be creative in our own homes and we don't need to break the bank. Take some time off to identify a corner of your house that needs a facelift and find these items at home to do it yourself! Almie Louis is originally from Bloemfontein but now resides in the UK. She has a passion for crafts and wants all moms to take the time to be creative again. Listen to her podcast below for a step-by-step guide on how to make your own string heart.
heart-shaped balloon
ribbon (as decoration)
Materials for papier-mache
bulldog clip
10cm light-weight galvanised wire
craft knife or scissors
fabric glue
1. Follow your basic papier-mache method, using a heart-shaped balloon as a mould. Leave the mouth of the balloon free of papier-mache and attach a bulldog clip for gripping later.
Figure A
2. When the papier-mache heart shape is completely dry, pop the balloon with an awl and remove what you can through the opening left around the mouth. (Figure A & B)
Figure B
3. Bend the wire into a horseshoe-shaped hook and cut an opening at the top of the papier-mache heart with a craft knife or scissors. (Figure C) Insert the hook into the opening, then cover the opening with more paper and glue, with the hook in place. 
Figure C
4. When the papier-mache heart is completely dry, start coiling the string/wool of your choice around the heart shape from the top to the pointed base, applying fabric glue as you go. Decorate the heart with ribbon or trimmings around the hook. (Figure D)
Figure D
Fore more great DIY ideas, get yourself a copy of Almie Louis book "From drab to fab" also available in Afrikaans "Van saai tot fraai"


Mommy Matters - Get creative and make your own string heart:

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