Korkie a victim of Middle East politics

───   SABRINA DEAN 15:02 Mon, 08 Dec 2014

Korkie a victim of Middle East politics | News Article

Bloemfontein - A South African political analyst believes the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, more commonly known as Isis, probably played a major role in Pierre Korkie's death.

The University of the Free State’s, Hussein Solomon,  says one cannot separate Yemen from what’s happening in the larger Middle East and Arab world. He says the heavy-handed Isis tactics have spurred a type of competition between it and al-Qaeda.

Hussein says the US military did not really have any choice other than to attempt to rescue photojournalist Luke Somers ahead of the 36-hour al-Qaeda deadline. He adds, though, that in light of Isis activities, al-Qaeda in turn could not afford to appear weak, which is why the hostages were killed as soon as the US Navy seals began the attack.
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Hussein Solomon:

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