Gang members terrorising nurses at NW clinic
11:31 Tue, 12 Mar 2019
Gang members terrorising nurses at NW clinic  | News Article
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Armed guards are set to be deployed at the Grace Mokhomo Clinic in Kanana near Klerksdorp in the North West.

This as the Health MEC, Madoda Sambatha, instructed the Head of Security in the Department of Health to position armed guards at the clinic after nurses told Sambatha about threats made by gangsters.

He undertook a surprise visit to the clinic to assess the level of healthcare service delivery following complaints from local residents about the shortage of medicine and long queues, amongst others.

Health professionals informed Sambatha they are fearing for their safety and no longer enjoy to serve due to gangs terrorising them. In his reply, he said the situation is not conducive and that the safety of healthcare workers is a priority, hence the need to do a security assessment.

The MEC has committed to attend to all service delivery challenges facing the clinic. He also visited the Ruben Buzile Nzima Clinic in Orkney. “I am going to mobilise the community to stand with our healthcare workers and general staff in all the clinics in Kanana so that when health professionals need the community to protect them, they do receive protection,” he added. “The security director in the Department will visit the Grace Mokhomo Clinic and all clinics in Kanana to do a security assessment to see what additional security methods we need to improve the security of our members,” Sambatha concluded.

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