Former infamous FS MEC expected before #ZondoCommission
08:00 Fri, 25 Sep 2020
Former infamous FS MEC expected before #ZondoCommission | News Article
Former FS Human Settlements MEC, Mosebenzi Zwane/Image: OFM News
The Former Free State Human Settlements MEC, Mosebenzi Zwane, is expected to give evidence before the State Capture Commission of Inquiry on Friday.

Zwane is expected to testify over a R1 billion housing deal that was signed off by his department in 2010.

His testimony comes just days after two former heads of this department, Nthimotse Mokhesi and his predecessor Gift Mokoena, came under fire for failing to answer questions as to why no-one has been held accountable for this housing contract nearly a decade later.

Both Mokhesi and Mokoena were not able to answer critical questions on how the department signed off on a R1 billion contract to build low-cost housing units between 2010 and 2011, without much to show for it.

Whilst Mokhesi's testimony drew much attention to how the department has on several occasions failed to follow proper procurement procedures and how contractors and suppliers were paid over R600 million while no houses were built, Mokoena's testimony has put much scrutiny on how unknown contractors were suddenly appointed by Zwane.

Their testimonies revealed that the department made advance payments to contractors in fear that the National Treasury would redirect funds to other provinces, should they fail to use it.

Although Mokhesi said this was prior to his assumption of duties as an accounting officer, his predecessor's testimony revealed that the provincial department further made payments to contractors and suppliers without any written agreement or proof that houses had been built.

Both the former heads' testimonies further drew attention to how some of the contractors were close allies of Zwane.

Zwane, who is also implicated in the controversial Estina project during his tenure as the Free State Agriculture MEC, is alleged to have handpicked some of the contractors.

He is set to take the witness stand from 10 am.

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