FS #ANC councillor's criminal record wiped

───   CORN KOTELI 08:54 Wed, 24 Nov 2021

FS #ANC councillor's criminal record wiped | News Article

The ANC councillor in Metsimaholo Municipality's Ward 19, Lunga Mthetho, has raised eyebrows about how he is a councillor, seeing that he has spent time in jail.

The ANC’s IPC’s spokesperson, Oupa Khoabane stated that the party was fully aware that Mthetho committed a crime in the past, however, Mthetho applied to get his criminal record expunged, which he was granted. 

Khoabane explained that Mthetho has police clearance, thus the party did not see a problem with having him as a ward councillor.  

Khoabane further explained that Mthetho is one of the "most loved people in that ward" and it would be unfair on him should the ANC rob him of a chance to lead. The crime Mthetho committed was explained by Khoabane to have happened a long time ago and he served his sentence.  

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