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Running clubs becoming more popular

───   CASEY-LEE ANTHONY 15:51 Thu, 18 Apr 2024

Running clubs becoming more popular | News Article
Photo: iStock

“It’s not just about physical fitness; running fosters mental fortitude.”

Over the past few years, running clubs have become more popular in Central South Africa

It is well known that in major urban centres running clubs are more prevalent, but that narrative is changing.

Running clubs are being formed not only for the health benefits but also for the safety benefits of running in a group after dark in certain neighbourhoods.

After speaking to Sole-Mates Run Club, one of the more recent clubs formed in Bloemfontein, Alea Uys discussed the issue of safety as a top priority for them as a group.

Sole-Mates Run Club, Photo: Supplied

“We try to run in a quiet and safe neighbourhood, we will not run in the dark under any circumstances and encourage everyone who attends not to run alone. We strongly encourage everyone to stick to the route and not wander off,” said Alea Uys.

Pentagon Pistols’ Dr Jaco Buys and Magdaleen Kemp added: “It's not just about physical fitness; running fosters mental fortitude, teaching perseverance and offering an immediate mood lift. Joining a club like ours instils a sense of belonging and purpose.”  

Lately, many organisations have also started hosting running events, from universities to governments joining in on the health-focused activity within communities.

Pentagon Pistols, Photo: Supplied

Sole-Mates Run Club and Pentagon Pistols have weekly running schedules and regularly join in on running events. Anyone who would like to start running is welcome to join.

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