Mali woman gives birth to nonuplets, all nine babies 'doing well'

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Mali woman gives birth to nonuplets, all nine babies 'doing well' | News Article
Halima Cisse, 25, gave birth to five girls and four boys in a Moroccan hospital PHOTO: Facebook

In what would be called a rare case, a 25-year-old woman in Mali has given birth to nine babies ‘nonuplets’ in Morocco on Tuesday.

Zaini Majeed from reports Halima Cisse was flown from the north of the West African state to Morocco by the Mali government for her better medical supervision and safe delivery last month March 30. She was initially believed to be pregnant with septuplets according to multiple ultrasounds which were performed by the healthcare specialists in both Morocco and Mali. The woman has now given birth to five girls and four boys, the government authorities told local news outlets. 

Moroccan health ministry spokesman, Rachid Koudhari, told Africa’s Khaleej Times that it would be the first time that the country has witnessed such a rare scenario, and the detection of nonuplets in the woman’s womb shocked the West African nation. Medics, last month, had suggested that Cisse needed special care and that’s when the government officials had decided to take the mother to be out of the country for a better medical check-up. Mali's health minister, Fanta Siby, said in a statement that all the children and the mother were in a good health, and safe. All nine kids were delivered by C-section.

Woman in the US gives birth on flight 

Earlier yesterday, an American woman, who had remained oblivious about her pregnancy in the US, also gave birth to a baby, although under challenging circumstances on a flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu. Lavinia Mounga was travelling to Hawaii on a 'getaway' when she started having contractions mid-flight. Fortunately, nurses and doctors, who were also on board immediately rushed to her aid. After a successful procedure, Mounga gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whilst flying over the Pacific Ocean. Mounga's unique story of childbirth created a stir on the internet after her passenger during the flight, Julia Hansen, shared the news on TikTok. 'A baby was just born on this plane,' she wrote sharing a video of the event. In the video clip posted by Hansen, the passengers onboard the Delta flight can be heard applauding and congratulating the woman. Later on, Hansen also revealed that Mounga was completely unaware of her pregnancy. Majeed

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