#StormIda: New York declares state of emergency

───   12:05 Thu, 02 Sep 2021

#StormIda: New York declares state of emergency | News Article
Screenshot of a flooded subway on 28th Street in New York City by David Begnaud (CBS)

The mayor of New York City has declared a state of emergency following record-breaking rain across the city affecting millions of residents.

Mayor Bill de Blasio urged New Yorkers to stay off the subways, off the streets and to not even think about going outside.

De Blasio said it was of the utmost importance to allow first responders and emergency workers to get their work done in dangerous conditions.

The NY weather office issued a flash flood emergency warning that is extremely rare as it can cause loss of life.

Photographs and videos have been widely shared on social media showing flooded subways and stranded vehicles covered up to their windows in water.

Roughly 250 mm of rain has been recorded over the last few hours as a result of storm IDA.

Over 5 000 residents are also without power.

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