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08:46 Wed, 01 Apr 2015
TBS: Red My Lips | News Article
Our Mission
To transform our culture of sexual violence by educating, inspiring, and mobilizing a global community to red their lips, raise their voices, and create real change
Red My Lips is an international nonprofit organization based out of the U.S. We run an annual global awareness campaign where our fierce and fearless supporters rock red lipstick all throughout the month of April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) to demonstrate solidarity and support for survivors and start important conversations with people in their lives.
Red My Lips is designed to raise visibility and awareness about the realities and prevalence of sexual violence, while combating rape myths and victim-blaming
This is an Interview with Danielle Tansino on why men should join this campaign ...
Danielle Tansino's Story
On the night of April 28, 2011, Red My Lips founder, Danielle Tansino (then 29), was out with friends.  She was later isolated and raped by a childhood friend of her then housemate.  After filing a police report, and following a traumatic experience with the court system, she was told by a female district attorney that they would not prosecute because, "Jurors don't like girls that drink."  
In this moment, she realized it was not 'the system' that fails victims of sexual violence...we ALL do.  We ARE the system.  What was almost more shocking than this realization was the response from friends and family who suggested that the attack was a mere 'misunderstanding,' or attempted to frame it as a natural consequence of 'not being careful enough.'  Many others refused to hear or talk about it at all.  
As a social worker, activist, and fighter for social justice, the silence and myths surrounding sexual violence fueled an intense outrage...an outrage that erupted in December of 2012 with the creation of Red My Lips.
Get involved with this campaign, go to their Red My Lips Website 
"In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."      
                                                           ~Martin Luther King Jr.

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