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Gehoorfokusweek - hier's wat het ons geleer het...

Gehoorfokusweek - hier's wat het ons geleer het... | Blog Post

Vandeesweek was gehoorfokusweek op OFM en Shandor het met oudioloog, Deon Ceronio, gesels oor ondermeer babasifting, hoe om uit te vind of jou gehoor verswak het, en spraakontwikkeling.

#MidMorningMagic: Professor Jonathan Peter

#MidMorningMagic: Professor Jonathan Peter | Blog Post

Allergy season is starting and Professor Jonathan Peter from the UCT Lung Institute joined Shandor to share more on the work they do and how they can help you during this time of year.

#MidMorningMagic: Sunset Sweatshop

#MidMorningMagic: Sunset Sweatshop | Blog Post

Sunset Sweatshop spent time with Shandor, sharing more about their new single AYE! and the performed COMING ALONG! Click for interview and video!

#MidMorningMagic: What was that song?

#MidMorningMagic: What was that song? | Blog Post

Well we managed the impossible...with very little we just DID IT! We figured out the song! CLICK TO LISTEN!

#MidMorningMagic: Shandor's BIG (Protea) Fail

#MidMorningMagic: Shandor's BIG (Protea) Fail | Blog Post

So yesterday the Protea Cricket Team had a session at my gym...This was my moment, and I FAILED! CLICK TO LISTEN

#MidMorningMagic: What NOT to say on the golf course

#MidMorningMagic: What NOT to say on the golf course  | Blog Post

The 17th edition of Central South Africa’s biggest charity golf day, the Shoprite Checkers OFM Chip 4 Charity takes place at the Bloemfontein Golf Club on March 6, 2020 and if you want to have fun on the course avoid saying...

#MidMorningMagic: Gerhard Beukes

#MidMorningMagic: Gerhard Beukes  | Blog Post

An idea, late one night, a year ago, with an old school friend who is busy beating stage 4 Kidney Cancer has now turned into the biggest ever charity ride in the history of the Cape Cycle Tour.

#MidMorningMagic: The Perfect Four Ball

#MidMorningMagic: The Perfect Four Ball | Blog Post

With the 17th Shoprite Checkers OFM Chip for Charity coming up the 6th of March the question is, if you could play a round of golf with anyone, who will it be?

#MidMorningMagic: While the Cat is away the mice will...

#MidMorningMagic: While the Cat is away the mice will... | Blog Post

My wife is heading to London for a few days and Rob decided to help me a bit... CLICK TO LISTEN!

#MidMorningMagic: HOW DARE YOU?!

#MidMorningMagic: HOW DARE YOU?! | Blog Post

Would you continue to watch a series when your partner is away... well few interesting arguments were raised and some very daring statements were made... CLICK TO LISTEN


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