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Gerben van Niekerk's Biography

Born and schooled inBloemfontein, Gerben already embarked on his radio career as productionassistant for a community radio station at the tender age of 12. After‘miraculously’ completing matric, he registered for a degree in Media Studies.He joined Kovsie FM in 2003 as the Breakfast presenter, aposition he held for three years. One year later, he met his wife during areassessment exam at the University of the Free State (UFS). In 2007 hejoined the OFM team as anchor of the Before Dawn Show and co-host of theSaturday brunch show. Thereafter, he joined another community radio station in2009 before, in 2011, being employed as Student Media Manager at the UFS. In2016 he completed his Master's degree in Media Studies. After hours, heenjoys motorcycling but not DIY quite as much... Gerben is very passionateabout the media and about nurturing future media professionals. 

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