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#OFMBusinessHour: Read of Week - ‘Finding top talent cannot be left to HR alone’

───   18:46 Tue, 08 Jun 2021

#OFMBusinessHour: Read of Week - ‘Finding top talent cannot be left to HR alone’ | News Article

Finding top talent for one’s business cannot be left to Human Resources (HR) alone.

This is according to businesswoman and enthusiastic speaker, Juanita Vorster, who is one half of the duo behind our read of the week titled Staying in the Helicopter® - the Key to Sustained Profitable Growth and WIN! How to Succeed in the New Game of Business. 

Vorster was on the Business Hour as the books she co-penned make their way into the public domain. She says in the new game of business, people are most important, therefore once you have recruited the best talent, it is important to keep that talent. On the other end of the spectrum, she says entrepreneurs are looking for people who take initiative in line with the strategic objectives of the company they run. 

Speaking of initiative, Vorster’s unlikely partnership with UK based business speaker, Roger Harrop, came out of a conference that took place in South Africa. Vorster says she and Harrop realised that they shared very similar business ideologies and decided to enter into a formal agreement to flesh these out via the two books. According to Vorster, the books are very succinct so that they can be easily consumed by entrepreneurs and quickly implemented without hassle.


#OFMBusinessHour: Read of Week - ‘Finding top talent cannot be left to HR alone’:

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