#OFMBusinessHour - You need to review your will annually

───   19:01 Tue, 28 Sep 2021

#OFMBusinessHour - You need to review your will annually | News Article

Setting up your will alone isn’t enough with respect to real estate planning. You also need to review said will annually to accommodate changes in your life.

This is according to Coreen van der Merwe, the Director of Sovereign Trust SA Limited who was on the OFM business hour to speak on the importance of planning out your will before it is too late. According to the Master of High Court, over 70% of working South Africans do not have wills in place. With National Wills Week now well and truly behind us, the conversation around estate planning will fall to the back burner, but the reality is it shouldn’t. Not planning your estate could result in you dying intestate with your assets landing in the hands of those you did not intend on handing them to.


#OFMBusinessHour - You need to review your will annually:

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