#OFMBusinessHour - What developers should know about improving retirement villages

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#OFMBusinessHour - What developers should know about improving retirement villages | News Article

The social element in retirement villages via knitting and bridge programmes, are an antidote to the isolation that senior citizens can feel in their later years – especially on the back of Covid-19. And it doesn’t have to cost much.

This is according to Gus van der Spek, developer of retirement village, Wytham Estate, who explains that "good service doesn’t cost anything, it’s a state of mind".

He tells the OFM Business Hour that the rising interest in retirement villages and senior living centres are a global phenomenon. 

He attributes this to the economic prosperity experienced by the baby boomer generation as well as advancements in medical technology that have seen the modern day elderly man/woman live longer. The modern day retiree needs this type of facility in their later years.

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Furthermore, Van der Spek explained the differences between life rights and sectional titles.

According to him, life rights “buys you the right to live in a home in a retirement facility and gives the holder of the right the security of tenure for the rest of their life”. He says life rights straddle a lease agreement and home ownership and as a result there are no transactional costs involved. 

Van der Spek adds there is a bouquet of services available in a life right situation versus sectional title situation. He says sectional titles “refer to ownership of a unit within a complex or development. This differs from a full title, which is where full ownership rights, including the land upon which the property is built, are purchased”. There is a greater responsibility and as a result service levies need to be paid.

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#OFMBusinessHour - ‘Good service doesn’t cost anything, it’s a state of mind’:

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