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Free State exhibitors showcase at Africa’s Travel Indaba in KZN

───   ZENANDE MPAME 15:51 Fri, 17 May 2024

Free State exhibitors showcase at Africa’s Travel Indaba in KZN | News Article
The provinces’ stand at the Indaba in Durban. Picture: Facebook/Free State Tourism

“The province is delighted to announce its participation at the highly anticipated Indaba.”

Sixteen exhibitors from the Free State have been showcasing tourism products from across its five districts such as accommodation, action and adventure, and lifestyle products.

Africa’s Travel Indaba serves as a platform for global engagement within the tourism sector, spotlighting the province’s rich and diverse offerings. The Indaba started on Monday (13/5) with a business opportunity networking day at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban.

The province’s approach to the Indaba was to craft compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences, highlighting the province’s key themes of action and adventure, culture and heritage, Kasi flavour, wildlife safaris, and beautiful open spaces.

The Free State stand at the Africa Travel Indaba in Durban. Picture: Facebook/Free State Tourism

“We have selected the best products to showcase at the Indaba, these products will be here for three days and we will be interacting with international and domestic buyers in an attempt to put the Free State on the map, not only in the country but internationally,” said Free State Liquor Gambling and Tourism Authority member Mpho Ramoliki.

“We are also looking to make an impact with regards to the economy of the Free State province. We actually want to stimulate investment in infrastructure, we want to promote sustainable development and most importantly foster the conservation of culture and natural heritage which we have in the province.”

“With us, we have products that represent the culture and the natural beauty of the Free State and also the heritage of the province through the presence of the Basotho Cultural Village group,” said Ramoliki.

Investors from the international market. Picture: Facebook/ Free State Tourism

“We met the international market from India, the Middle East, and Eastern Asia through a closed session where misconceptions about the Indian community were cleared, after the meeting we were actually informed that some of the tourists decided to extend their stay in the country to visit the Free State.”

About twenty out of every sixty tourists who have extended their stay when they leave KZN will make their way to Free State, said Ramoliki.

According to the Free State Liquor Gambling and Tourism Authority, the past three years indicated that there has been slight growth in the share of international arrivals, recording 221 000 in 2021, 597 000 in 2022, and 864 000 in 2023 with an average spent of R2 billion over the three years.

The stand was popular because of the massages that were made available. Picture: Facebook/Free State Tourism

An average of 10,5% of all new international arrivals in the country have arrived in the province during the last three years. For the next three years, the target is now to achieve a cumulative yearly increase of 2% on all new international arrivals.

OFM News/Zenande Mpame mvh

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