#WaterCrisis looms in small FS municipality

───   LUCKY NKUYANE 12:49 Thu, 21 Oct 2021

#WaterCrisis looms in small FS municipality | News Article
Residents of the Nala Local Municipality in Kgotsong, near Bothaville, are waiting for water trucks to deliver water. PHOTO: Supplied

A small, troubled Free State municipality is facing a water crisis if its water debt to Sedibeng Water is not settled within the agreeable terms.

Residents of Bothaville and Wesselsbron in the Nala Municipality had been without water since Tuesday, following the water supply cut by Sedibeng Water over R26 million debt in arrears. According to a Sedibeng Water communique to the municipality, the water utility needed the R26 million to urgently pay for water purification and other costs, which will enable them to continue supplying water to the municipality. The municipality owes the water utility over R245 million.  

The water utility added that this amount is because of a shortfall incurred on the July and September accounts. The municipality had deployed two trucks to deliver water to Kgotsong residents, and also two trucks to deliver water to Monyakeng.

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