Some tips to survive the year of January
12:00 Thu, 02 Jan 2020
Some tips to survive the year of January | News Article
As you possibly gained weight this December, your bank account in turn might have lost weight.

You’ll survive, you’ve survived every January up until now. Here are some tips on how you can enjoy surviving this January after you did the responsible things like budgeting and damage control.

Firstly, you can go on a bargain hunt. suggests that you keep your eyes and ears open for special deals on basic needs items such as food and toiletries, it’s like a game of survival!

Secondly, stick to preparing your own lunch. Test your creativity on creating meals with things you already have in your kitchen; you might even surprise yourself.

Finally, stay at home! Going out costs a lot of money. This is an opportunity for you and your friends to take turns in hosting dinner parties. If you are hopeless at whipping up something for everyone, don’t stress, check out our suggestions on how to give instant noodles an upgrade.

You will need:

1 packet of instant noodles


1 boiled egg

whatever vegetables you can find in your fridge


1.Fill a medium saucepan about halfway with water and bring to boil.

2.Chop the vegetables into chunks and boil for 10 minutes.

3.Pour the seasoning into the water.

4.Add the noodles and cook for 2-3 minutes

5.Cut the boiled egg in half and serve it with the noodles in a bowl.

Have you ever caught yourself saying: “I’m not a shopaholic, I’m supporting the economy.”

But are you supporting yourself?

Saving money is easy, only buy the things that you need and leave the things you don’t need, but what if you need everything that you want to buy?

Here are 3 tips on how not to be a shopaholic.

According to, it is a good idea to carry cash only. The inconvenience of cash is a reminder that you’re spending real money and helps you to slow down.

You can also track the money you spend; often people are unaware of the amount of money they spend on certain items, but when you are aware of your spending habits, you can act on them.

Avoid temptation. Self-control is difficult. Avoid situations where you feel like you have to fight yourself not to buy something. If the mall is your weakness, stay away from the mall!

Lastly, you need to remind yourself of your larger goals. Before buying something, ask yourself whether it will bring you closer to your goal of spending less.

What do you do when your kids are bored, but you are broke?

Here are 3 things that Odette suggests for your kids to do at home.

1. Odette loves singing karaoke to Youtube videos and your kids will too! It gives them the opportunity to participate in some music and to have a dance party, which will help to tame all that extra energy. Here is our favourite kids playlist: 

- “Baby shark” by Pinkfong

- “Barbie girl” by Aqua

- “Happy” by Pharrel Williams

- “Whip my hair” by Willow Smith

- “How far I'll go” from Moana

- “Let it go” from Frozen

- “Hakuna matata” From The Lion King

- “Can't stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake

- “try everything’ by Shakira

2. Make an obstacle course with some chairs and loose objects that are standing around the house, be sure not to use anything that can break easily.

3. Use your phone to shoot a movie of you and your friends during the day and have a movie night after: This is something fun for friends to work on together and to laugh together. For the movie they can come up with any story line of their choice. Shoot the video on someone’s phone. Then use a USB cable to extract the footage from your phone to a computer and to put it on a USB stick or DVD disc. Put it in the DVD player and enjoy.

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