#PinkTaxMustFall: Axe pink tax - VIDEO
08:22 Thu, 12 Jul 2018
#PinkTaxMustFall: Axe pink tax - VIDEO | News Article
Women are forced to make blue their new favourite colour... or perhaps buy men’s clothing, thanks to a not-very-new phenomenon dubbed Pink Tax.

Pink Tax has been around for longer than most people think, and, with the recent price increases in South Africa it has become more and more evident that women are indeed suffering more than they actually have to. All this, because products and clothing aimed at women are more expensive. And research proves it. 

Founder of the Use Your Voice non-profit organisation, Renè Erasmus,  told OFM News that in her opinion the world has labelled women as shoppers. They are the ones who spend the most and this is why there is something called #PinkTax. She said the idea of researching this topic was sparked by a video on social media regarding #PinkTax in America. She wanted to see if it was relevant in South Africa too.

Erasmus did a study, comparing the prices of basic goods such as no-name razor blades, similar clothing items and same-brand cosmetics, and found in almost all instances women products cost notably more.

OFM News/Sazly Hartzenberg

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