OFM survey proves public is ready to shop
16:08 Tue, 26 May 2020
OFM survey proves public is ready to shop | News Article
Bloemfontein – OFM, inspiring listeners to live a real good life in Central South Africa, has published results from a survey among more than 800 listeners during Stage 4 of lockdown,

proving that the public is eager to get back to life as usual and that includes shopping. 

One of the goals of the survey was to ascertain which products listeners were more likely to buy during lockdown.  A whopping 57% of listeners responded to shopping for DIY products, with general repairs around the house (51%) the most likely type of DIY project listeners wanted to get done.  Gardening (46%) and painting (35%) also featured highly in the DIY category.

With regards to their health, more than two-thirds (68%) of listeners were comfortable using an online or telephonic medical service to get medical advice during lockdown. 

In case of home emergencies, 61% of listeners would call an electrician to their house during lockdown, and 59% would not hesitate to call a plumber. With winter fast approaching and cold weather at the order of the day, 21% would use a roof repair service during this time.

With reference to general purchasing behaviour, groceries are still the top purchased product category (70%), with toiletries a close second (66%). Sanitising and cleaning products remain popular (46%) with pet food also a popular purchase (43%). Clothing purchases (38%) was predictably high, while shopping for haircare and beauty products (20%) showed that our listeners still take pride in their appearance.  The ability to purchase take-away foods have proved a welcome reprieve for home cooks with 16% of listeners making use of the opportunity. 

Says Anchen Lintvelt, OFM Sales Manager:  “The survey is an important tool for our sales division as it shows that listeners would be receptive to advertising.  Lockdown may have changed our lives, but it has not changed the fact that we still need products and services! In keeping with our ethos of encouraging Central South Africa to live a real good life, OFM wants to bring our listeners the information they need to make informed choices when purchasing what they need during lockdown and beyond.”

The survey showed that 70% of our listeners worked full-time before lockdown and that 21% returned to work during Stage 4. Twenty-eight percent of listeners is still working from home with 9% working some of the time.  Twenty-two percent are uncertain about their employment in future, while 6% lost their jobs.


For more info, please contact Lindiwe Mtwentula on 051 5050 900, 082 416 1665, or lindiwe@ofm.co.za.

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