23 ways you know someone's from the Free State or that you're in the FS
13:00 Fri, 11 Jul 2014
23 ways you know someone's from the Free State or that you're in the FS | News Article
1. They swim in the ocean during the winter.
2. They swim in the Atlantic Ocean.
3. They can do anything with a brandy and Coke. Yes, even a Brandy and Coke float.
Source: Pinterest
4. Every now and then there are more farm animals than cars on the road.
5. When they order Rosé and it's not sweet, it isn't considered a Rosé.
6. It's always a good time for a braai. Yes, even during one of the coldest winter nights.
7. They often brush their teeth at work, because pipes have frozen and there's no water at home until noon.
8. You're in terrible traffic if you catch the traffic light red more than once.
Source: Giphy.com 
9. If you have to travel more than 10 minutes you've been in horrible traffic. 
10. Staying more than 10 km's from the job is considered a problem (except if you live on a farm, then you're lucky to be living "so close" to town.  
11. Toyota Hilux bakkies are literally EVERYWHERE.
12. When it's cold, farmers wear more than one short.
Source: Conrad Bornman, Volksblad
13. Their reaction when they suddenly find themselves stuck in Joburg traffic...
Source: Giphy.com 
14. Bloemfontein is considered a big city.
15. They indicate changing lanes in Joburg and wait for a gap in traffic... this usually never works out for them.
16. They always sommer drop a few Afrikaans words when speaking English.
17. English can be spoken "very deliciously".
18. Everyone knows what John Deere is.
19. Anything goes with pap.
Paptert, pap en vleis, pap en wors, pap en sous, pap en chakalaka, pap en melk, pap en botter, braaipap, slappap, krummelpap.
Source: The Daily Fix 
20. Strangers talk to each other like they've been friends for ages.
21. In smaller towns it's considered rude if you don't greet people when driving.
22. They're referred to as warm people, or "hartsmense". 
23. But you never want to mess with them.
Source: Giphy 
Compiled by MJ Lourens. 
How do you know you're in the Northern Cape or North West? Send your contribution to mj@ofm.co.za. Have other ways to identify a FS resident? Leave them by commenting below.

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