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Christmas robbers ' needed money to celebrate festive season'

───   09:00 Wed, 26 Dec 2018

Christmas robbers ' needed money to celebrate festive season' | News Article

Nigerian police have thwarted the Christmas plans of two robbers from a crime syndicate who specialised in attacking customers withdrawing money from ATMs.

The robbers’ plea that they needed the cash to celebrate the festive season with their families failed to impress either the law enforcement officers or members of the public who attempted to mete out jungle justice before the two were taken into custody, Vanguard reported.

Policemen arrested the men whose syndicate focuses on attacking customers who withdraw money from banks in Lagos.

Using 24-hour camera surveillance, authorities were able to intercept and arrest the pair when they tried to rob a motorbike rider at gunpoint after he had just withdrawn cash.

Members of the public gave chase as the suspects attempted their getaway. The police intervened after the public assaulted the thieves, leaving them bloodied.

One of the robbers claimed this was the first time he had taken part in a robbery, saying he just wanted to celebrate Christmas and he and his partner had no intention of killing anybody.

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