Soccer team needs equipment
12:00 Fri, 12 Jul 2019
Soccer team needs equipment | News Article
A group of Grassland youngsters in Bloemfontein in the Free State, who is being guided by Thabo Botsane, an ex-convict, that aspires to inspire youth from his area to follow the right path, will be playing their first soccer game this Saturday.

OFM News spoke to him last week when they first started cleaning a piece of land in the area that was turned into a dumping site by local residents, with the vision to turn it into a soccer field and park.

Botsane states that they need the help of the municipality and its machines in order for the field to be completely ready. He states that his soccer team is excited and eager to play their first game against another team from the same area. Thabo says he would appreciate external support in order to achieve his goal of shaping the lives of the children. He further mentions that he is under a lot of pressure due to the team not having the necessary attire or equipment. Thabo’s team consists of youth that are drop-outs and who take part in gang or criminal activities.

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