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Young boy inspires locals through acts of kindness

───   11:45 Fri, 18 Feb 2022

Young boy inspires locals through acts of kindness | News Article

A 12-year-old boy is inspiring his community members every day as he spends his time taking care of his mom and keeping the streets of Fauna, a suburb in Bloemfontein, safe and clean.

Speaking to OFM News, Ruan van Wyk , Fauna Family Neighbourhood’s chairperson, gets emotional when he says that Anco Dempers has vowed to ensure that his mom is protected and that his mom lives in a safe and clean environment. Van Wyk says the boy is a true Samaritan who helps wherever and whenever he can. Dempers has even tasked himself with filling the potholes of the damaged roads with sand to make the roads useable.

"He will scratch in the field for some ground, or ask people who have loose sand in front of their yards, then he will fill the potholes. He asks people if he can take away their rubbish, or if they need help by working in their gardens. These are people who are suffering. But he has a passion, he has a dream, he has a vision. And his vision is to create a safer environment for his mother. I can not believe that he can have such a strong vision at the age of twelve,” adds Van Wyk.

Van Wyk says they have vowed to include him in the programmes of the neighbourhood watch, and plans to raise funds and donate it to Dempers and his mom.

Any donation will be truly invaluable to the family and the boy who is working towards creating a safe and clean environment for his community, and most especially for his mother, says Van Wyk.

Van Wyk says Dempers lost his dad five years ago and that he has since taken it upon himself to be his mom’s caretaker.

OFM News/Lee Simmons

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