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"Euthanasia represents an infringement on the value of human life" - NGO

───   EARL COETZEE 16:38 Fri, 04 Nov 2016

"Euthanasia represents an infringement on the value of human life" - NGO | News Article

Bloemfontein - An NGO which aims to advance constitutional justice in South Africa believes that legalising euthanasia will represent an infringement on the value of human life.

The Cause For Justice group acted as amicus curiae in today's Supreme Court of Appeal Hearing regarding the legalisation of assisted suicide.

According to General manager for Cause for Justice, Ryan Smith, human life inherently holds value, and they do not believe the Constitution allows death as an option for suffering, as the constitutional vision for the country places life first.

Smith says the option of assisted suicide means adding a third party to your decision to die, which further muddies the legal complexities of the issue.

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Ryan Smith:

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