Couple attacked on Northern Cape farm
11:49 Wed, 24 Jan 2018
Couple attacked on Northern Cape farm  | News Article
Piet Els en Rikkie Alsemgeest PHOTO: Facebook
Police in the Northern Cape have launched a manhunt for four men involved in an attack on a businessman and his female partner on his farm about 10km outside Kimberley near the R64.

Police spokesperson, Sergio Kock, says an 86-year-old man and a woman were badly assaulted in the farmhouse early this morning or last night. The couple was asleep when the robbers entered the house. The victim’s hands and feet were tied up. He says information is still sketchy at this stage as the couple is still traumatised.

According to Kock the suspects seemingly used a grinder to cut open the safe in the house after which they fled the scene with a substantial amount of valuables, including, among other items, a hunting rifle and a white Mercedes Benz. The car was later found abandoned at the R31 at Phuthanang near Kimberley. The couple was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Kock says according to information the seriously injured couple are in a stable condition in a hospital. He couldn't confirm if the suspects were armed during the attack or how they gained entrance to the house. It is also still unclear what exactly was taken from the house. OFM News has, however, learned diamonds were also taken by the intruders. Kock says it is still too early to confirm what is missing from the house.

A case of house robbery is being investigated by the Northern Cape Trio Crime Unit.

Meanwhile, the couple has been identified on Facebook as Piet Els and Rikkie Alsemgeest. Kock said it is still too early to confirm the couple’s names.

The police investigation continues.

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