NW premier condemns Klerksdorp violence
15:36 Tue, 11 Sep 2018
NW premier condemns Klerksdorp violence  | News Article
The office of the North West Premier says they view recent violent clashes between Klerksdorp taxi drivers and foreign nationals as an act of criminality.

Spokesperson to Job Mokgoro, Vuyisile Ngesi, says the premier has strongly condemned the disturbing scenes of public disorder that led to the death of two people in that area.

Mokgoro's reaction came as public violence engulfed Klerksdorp on Sunday and Monday after a taxi driver was allegedly killed by foreign nationals in Pienaarsdorp.

Yesterday OFM News reported that people thought to be taxi drivers went on the rampage burning and destroying taverns and businesses. As what started out as a feud between taxi drivers and Nigerian nationalists ballooned to include all foreign nationals, and their shops were also targeted.

Ngesi says Mokgoro has also called for calm, restraint and peace in the area.

"We are talking of the destruction of property and the looting that has been taking place.

No crime is above the other. Therefore, if it is found through investigations that all these people who have been arrested are responsible for any form of criminality, not necessarily the murders alone, we say let the law take its course,” says Ngesi.

 A 28-year-old Zimbabwean national was allegedly stabbed in the chest with a knife at his tuck shop. He was taken to the hospital but certified dead on arrival.

As a result, 12 people were arrested and linked to the murder. Only later the police spokesperson, Sabata Mokgwabone, corrected his earlier statement saying preliminary results did not link them to the murder but to public violence and the looting of foreign nationals’ shops.

Twelve people were due to appear in the Klerksdorp Magistrate's Court today.

OFM News/ Lucky Nkuyane

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