ANC vs ANC in Northern Cape court
08:48 Fri, 09 Nov 2018
ANC vs ANC in Northern Cape court | News Article
Five ANC members in the Northern Cape are taking 41 other ANC members from the regional, provincial and national membership to court, in at attempt to prevent the ANC Provincial list conference on December 1.

The application, that is set to be heard in the Northern Cape High Court on November 30, seeks to prevent ANC branches from convening meetings to nominate candidates to national parliament and the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature, under the leadership of the current Provincial executive committee.

The court applicants believe that their court application challenging the leadership that was elected during the regional and provincial conferences, had to be dealt with first before the provincial list conference could go ahead.

The ANC members explained that they had no other option than to approach the court, as the national leadership had failed to address their concerns.

OFM News/Sandi Kwon Hoo

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