Turn your computer into a radio with the OFM desktop app
13:15 Tue, 10 Mar 2020
Turn your computer into a radio with the OFM desktop app | News Article
Bloemfontein – OFM, inspiring listeners to live the real good life in Central South Africa, is now offering a live streaming service through our OFM desktop app that will allow listeners to listen to OFM on their computer anytime of the day.

The OFM desktop app makes it easy for listeners to stay tuned to their favourite station, without having to click their way through the Internet. Desktop application means any software that can be installed on a single computer (laptop or a desktop) and used to perform specific tasks. There are also many benefits to using this desktop application for listeners such as:

Security; web applications are exposed to more security risks than desktop applications. You can have a total control over the standalone applications and protect it from various vulnerabilities.

Connectivity - web application development relies significantly on Internet connectivity and speed. Absence of Internet or its poor connectivity can cause performance issues with web applications. Desktop applications are standalone in nature and hence do not face any hindrances resulting from Internet connectivity.

Says Lindiwe Mtwentula, OFM Marketing Manager: “The OFM desktop app is no different to any web-based application and has numerous benefits. It’s easy to maintain, has a low security risk and because it’s a standalone application, Internet connectivity should not be an issue. OFM is now literally at your fingertips!”

CEO of the Central Media Group t/a OFM, Nick Efstathiou says the desktop app is another innovative product offering provided to the stations loyal listener base, that is looking to listen to their favourite radio station on all and any device. “Streaming services need robust technological support, not to mention the services allow the stations loyal listeners to consume the stations content offering across multiple devices, not only the radio”, says Efstathiou.

Installing the OFM desktop app is as easy as a few clicks and is completely free of charge.  Download it from the OFM website at www.ofm.co.za.


For more info, please contact Lindiwe Mtwentula on 051 5050 900, 082 416 1665, or lindiwe@ofm.co.za.


OFM is Central South Africa’s premier commercial radio station offering a mix of music, news and entertainment.

The station serves the influential SEM 7-10 market with a footprint across the Free State, Northern Cape, southern Gauteng and North West.  The brand is synonymous with the people of Central South Africa and covers the full spectrum of listeners:  from urban youngsters to retired pensioners, from working moms and dads to successful professionals, from rural communities to agricultural producers.  As such, OFM offers a number of niche features – including an agricultural programme, Agri news twice a day, entertainment and sports features.

Our audience is incredibly loyal and supportive and as such OFM enjoys one of the highest instances of time spent listening to the radio in South Africa. OFM is part of the Central Media Group with its head office located in Bloemfontein and a studio in Welkom. Find OFM at www.ofm.co.za.

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