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South Africans urged to donate blood over festive season

───   ZENANDE MPAME 13:09 Tue, 05 Dec 2023

South Africans urged to donate blood over festive season | News Article
People are urged to donate to save lives. Picture: Facebook/SANBS

“Blood is a precious resource that anyone can give to someone in need. We need your blood, with each donation you can save three lives.”

Blood donation levels are critical and people are urged to donate to be able to save three lives over the festive season. December is mostly associated with trauma and accidents and a lot of blood is needed.

Blood levels are standing at 3.8 days as of today (5/12) which is regarded as significantly low. To ensure that there is enough blood available for patients in need the level needs to be at five days.

“One of the most significant factors that has influenced and or affected our blood stocks is the current closure of schools and universities. This is where we collect the bulk of our blood.”

The blood stocks are significantly low. Picture: sanbs.org.za

“So when no blood drives are running in this area, we would find ourselves with a significant shortage. Companies are winding down now and not hosting blood drives,” said a communication specialist at SANBS Khensani Mahlangu.

Recently, SANBS launched the digital donor questionnaire to minimise their usage of paper and the purpose of the questionnaire is to evaluate your lifestyle and health to rule out any factors that can endanger the recipient's or your health.

“We are trying to introduce efficiency but also cutting down on the amount of paper that we use, this is also a part of our greening strategy where we want to reduce our impact on the planet,” said Mahlangu.

You save three people's lives by donating blood. Picture: sanbs.org.za

There will be festive blood drives throughout December, the SANBS will be out at shopping centers, and the fixed donor centers will be open during the holidays.

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