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Weird Wide Web - A surfer somehow causes plane crash

───   15:10 Wed, 05 Oct 2022

Weird Wide Web - A surfer somehow causes plane crash | News Article

When you hear about a plane crash, the last thing you expect to hear is that a surfer, who was not even in the plane, caused the crash. Well, here's the last thing you expected to hear.

According to dailystar, a plane crashed into the sea as two passengers tried to warn a surfer that he was in danger of being attacked by a shark!

Australian Bill Ballard went on to claim that dolphins were also looking out for him at Wallagoot Beach on the New South Wales coast, as they "pushed" him back to shore. The dolphins were feeding on salmon in the area when Ballard noticed their behaviour was different to normal.

"It's hard to describe, but they kept coming up to the surface to look at me and also began swimming back and forward, coming closer and trying to push me towards the shore," Ballard told Australian newspaper The Courier.

 The passengers in the low-flying aircraft then screamed: "Shark, shark!" at Ballard, while pointing out a large shadow of something swimming close to him.

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But the drama intensified when the plane then crashed a few metres away from the beach.

Ballard quickly checked on both passengers' conditions and recalled his conversation with one, adding: "She kept saying, 'That shark was so close to you, so close, and it was the biggest one I've ever seen. It must have been around 20 feet long'.

"I am so thankful. They were like guardian angels coming to save me.

"At first, I thought they must have mistaken it for a dolphin, and I kept asking if they were sure it wasn't, but the pilot said: 'No, I've been flying for years and I know exactly what a shark looks like.'"

Neither passenger was left injured by the crash, while the species of shark remains unknown. Read more on this story by clicking here.

This isn't the only time something in the sky warns a surfer about a looming shark attack. The below video shows how a surfer was warned about a possible shark attack by people using a drone.


Weird Wide Web - A surfer somehow causes plane crash:

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