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Weird Wide Web - Soccer fan trains goldfish to play soccer

───   15:05 Mon, 03 Oct 2022

Weird Wide Web - Soccer fan trains goldfish to play soccer | News Article

Yang Tianxin has somehow taught five of his fish to play football and has proved a hit on social media. He taught them how to dribble, pass & score goals in an underwater pitch.

When you have pets, you find yourself loving them so much that you want to do everything possible with them. Depending on what type of animal you have as a pet, you can do a lot of activities with it. But what if your pet was a goldfish?

How many things do you think you can do with your pet goldfish? Amongst the list of activities you can do with your pet goldfish, soccer is probably one of the things right? Well not for Yang Tianxin!

According to femalefirst, the fish play in an aquatic stadium that features moss for grass and plastic goals with sticky tape providing markings for the pitch. The pets are rewarded with food when they score a goal. Yang - a Real Madrid fan from China's Guangdong Province - said: "I didn't expect the fish would play football at the beginning. They couldn't shoot at all.

 "As I was training them, I found that they were getting interested in nudging the ball. After three months, five fish managed to score."