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Weird Wide Web - Meet Jim Bachor, the pothole artist

───   15:37 Fri, 30 Sep 2022

Weird Wide Web - Meet Jim Bachor, the pothole artist | News Article

Artist Jim Bachor found a really creative way of fixing the road and adding to the world of art.

Potholes are every single driver's biggest headache! From the danger the pose on the road to all the tire damage insurance claims, every driver in the world would be more than pleased to have these removed from all our road somehow. This is exactly what Jim Bachor is trying to achieve, in a very creative way.

According to engoo, artist Jim Bachor has been busy filling them with mosaics.  Working most often on his own city's roads, Bachor finds and fills holes with his art.  Food, flowers, animals, words — there's not much that he hasn't made as a mosaic, from Donald Trump's face to Vincent Van Gogh's The Bedroom.  His work has also been seen on the streets of New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, as well as in Finland and Italy.