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Oliewenhuis Museum invites you to the Realigned Exhibition

───   CASEY-LEE ANTHONY 10:29 Mon, 15 Apr 2024

Oliewenhuis Museum invites you to the Realigned Exhibition | News Article
I Will Always Have Paris Artwork. Photo: Casey-Lee Anthony

“Because to move forward you need to know where you come from.”

I will always have Paris, an artwork by Elrie Joubert being displayed at the Oliewenhuis Realigned Exhibition, showcasing her journey in Paris and how she longed to keep a piece of “The City of Love” with her at all times.

The artwork consists of buttons, feathers, coins, glass, gemstones, and many more peculiar items she collected in Paris. It’s divided into two parts: one is of the physical items in small bags to protect the memory and the other part consists of her mimicking every item by sketching them out.

This artwork is part of the exhibition to illustrate the journey she was on and how each person has their Journey and should enjoy every moment because they might not get it back.

The Oliewenhuis Art Museum invites everyone to the exhibition. Photo: Facebook

OFM joined in on the opening exhibition and heard what each guide had to say about which pieces were chosen for this theme and what made it special. In the opening and welcoming, Natley Barnardo and Ziya Khubeka mention every person can find at least one of the artworks relatable because, on everyone’s life journey, we would have been faced with at least one of the themes.

Five Frames by Allan David Schwarz. Photo: Casey-Lee Anthony

The seven themes are Roots, Identity, Mental Issues, Body Image, Journey, Tranquility, and Restoration. Each theme/section of the guide dived a bit deeper into why the guide chose the specific theme and how it resonated with them as well as how the artworks depict a meaningful story that can be relatable to many.

The reason it starts with Roots is: “Because to move forward you need to know where you come from.” One of the guides Wandile Maseko said the walk ends with Tranquillity because the intention was that wherever we go in our day-to-day lives we need to bring peace into it, and not allow negativity to destroy it.

Untitled by Lukas van Vuuren. Photo: Casey-Lee Anthony

The exhibition will be open every day at 11:00 from 12 April until 5 May for art enthusiasts who would like to learn more.

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