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Northern Cape makes its mark at Tourism Indaba

───   CASEY-LEE ANTHONY 10:54 Fri, 17 May 2024

Northern Cape makes its mark at Tourism Indaba | News Article
The Northern Cape’s stall. Picture supplied

“During the second or third day, they gave a lot of diamonds and free safari holidays away.”

The Northern Cape left its mark at the Tourism/Travel Indaba in Durban.

The main purpose of the Travel Indaba from Tuesday (14/2) to Thursday was to promote Africa to the world as one, what each country, province, and city has to offer such as their holiday destinations, mineral resources, economic opportunities, and investor interest.

The Frances Baard, ZF Mcgawu, and John Taolo Gaetsewe Districts were all in attendance with their stalls inside the main stand. The Northern Cape Department of Tourism had its own big stall outside to showcase each route that could be explored, such as the Karoo Oasis Route, Kalahari Red Dune Route, and Quiver Tree Route, with their respective exhibitors.

Eswatini and Zambian stalls inside the main building. Picture supplied

“The main thing this year was to create an app for all visitors at stands to log in and explore everything of the Northern Cape – the parks, holiday destinations of the Green Kalahari and Kalahari Routes,” said ZFM District Municipality Speaker, Stanley Peterson.

It is safe to say that the Northern Cape stall was the most exciting stall to be at this year, Stanley said, adding: “During the second or third day they gave a lot of diamonds and free safari holidays away with a draw, all you had to do is put your business card in a box for the competitions.

“The competition is tough and South Africa has so much to offer as a country, that a month's holiday is not enough,” he added when talking about the prizes that could be won at the Indaba.

The draw of the Northern Cape Tourism’s diamond giveaway. Picture supplied

Stanley also added the indaba was a great place to engage and share experiences with other exhibitors and that everyone should be excited to see what will happen at the next one.

OFM News/Casey-Lee Anthony cg

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