Samwu unhappy over Sol Plaatje’s failure to table report
10:12 Fri, 23 Aug 2019
Samwu unhappy over Sol Plaatje’s failure to table report | News Article
The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) in Kimberley in the Northern Cape has warned that the Sol Plaatje Municipality’s repeated failure to table a damning report on the municipality’s affairs will have dire consequences.

Despite repeated attempts, the municipality once again failed to table the report during a council meeting this week.

The report found that municipal CFO Lydia Mahloko regularly flouted procurement processes and that municipal manager Goolam Akharawary improperly benefited from a scarce skills allowance.

Samwu, which went on strike last month, says its members and the community will shut down the city should the municipality not follow through on its promise to table the report.

The union’s Dailey Semau says: “They have agreed now, suddenly the councillors don’t want this 106 to be tabled. So it creates a serious problem because that is one of our demands.”

“We want the 106 to be tabled. Now we are in a process to meet with the leadership of the community to see what pressure we can put on the municipality to complete this process of adopting this 106.”


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