Unplaced FS learners a concern

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Unplaced FS learners a concern | News Article

The Free State Education Department confirms it is still grappling with a number of learners that are still not placed in schools.

Spokesperson, Howard Ndaba, says this is, however, largely due to late applications and parents’ preferences for specific schools. Ndaba appeals to parents and guardians of learners who are still without schools to work with the department to ensure that their children are placed in schools as soon as possible. He further confirms to OFM News that they are in the final stages of placing all learners and that they will “make everything possible to ensure that all school-going aged children are in schools”.

“Our responsibility as the department is to ensure that every school-going aged child is in school, but we cannot guarantee that children will be placed at the school of the parents’ choice,” says Ndaba.

He adds that arrangements with various schools will be made to ensure that learners are brought up to speed with the work they missed. He says extra catch-up programmes and classes will be held for learners currently unplaced.

“Our objective is to ensure that our learners get a quality education. We are also appealing to parents to collaborate with the department so that we expedite the process of placing their children,” he highlights.

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