Steyn tipped to win Comrades
09:42 Tue, 29 May 2018
Steyn tipped to win Comrades | News Article
Gerda Steyn - Roger Sedres
The Bothaville-raised Gerda Steyn, has been tipped as the favourite to win this year's Comrades Marathon, which will be run from Pietermaritzburg to Durban next week.

This comes after the former champion, Caroline Wöstmann, withdrew from the iconic ultra-marathon.

The former champion, Wöstmann, sighted a lack of fitness as the reason for withdrawing, and the move is considered to be wise.

After winning the 2018 Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town, Steyn, has fired a clear warning shot.

The athletics pundit, Manfred Seidler, told OFM Sport that with Wöstmann withdrawing, the Free Stater is now the favourite.

“All this social media stuff about Wöstmann needing to answer for her withdrawal, is a load of rubbish. It does, however, make Gerda Steyn that outright favourite for this year,s Comrades.

“She finished really strongly at the Two Oceans Marathon, but she did really struggle those last few kilometres. I did ask her and she said that she was running hard and that she could feel it.

“Now were still have another thirty-odd kilometres to go, so this will be quite interesting. She doesn’t train with the mega-mileage that some of the other athletes do. But then, neither did Bruce Fordyce.

“This could very well stand her in good stead, plus there is longer recovery between the Two Oceans and Comrades.

“She certainly had the speed and she’s got to be one of the favourites right now. The women’s race is going to be very interesting indeed.”

Last year Steyn finished fourth at the Comrades in 6:45:45. The America, Camille Heron, won the race in 6:27:35. Charné Bosman, who was third, was the first South African to cross the line in less than six minutes ahead of Steyn.

The 2018 Comrades Marathon will be run on 10 June.

Morgan Piek OFM Sport


Manfred Seidler - Gerda Steyn:

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