Weird Wide Web - Do animals have accents?
16:33 Thu, 24 Sep 2020
Weird Wide Web - Do animals have accents? | News Article
We all believe our animals talk do us, right. But do they also have accents?

When home alone with our pets, we can't help talking to them as if they really understand what we're saying.

One man from Northern Ireland was recently doing just this, chatting to his cat, when he noticed something rather amusing.

The cat seemed to be responding to the owner's comments - but it gets even more bizarre.

Ian Allen recorded himself speaking to his cat and joked that the feline's meows sound like he has a Northern Irish accent, reports Belfast Live.

In the clip, Ian asks the cat if he's a good boy. The black cat meows and it sounds like he's saying 'aye'.


What went down in studio :

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