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Weird Wide Web - Quantum immortality

───   15:16 Fri, 15 Oct 2021

Weird Wide Web - Quantum immortality  | News Article

The 'quantum immortality' theory is that we never really die and that we just wake up in a parallel universe whenever we pass on in another.

 TikTok user @joli.artist has left her followers spooked after a recent video she uploaded titled ‘apocalypse...again’.  

Often known to discuss macabre stuff, Joli’s content focuses on things like conspiracy theories and quantum physics. In her video, she talks about the ‘quantum immortality theory’ which is American physicist Hugh Everett’s ‘many-worlds’ interpretation.  

She goes on to explain the theory that states “nobody ever actually dies” and that “consciousness never experiences death.” “Instead, whenever you die in one universe your consciousness just gets transferred into another universe where you survive.” 

So, for those who may be excited or intrigued about the concept of an apocalypse, sadly, if Everett is correct, you’re just going to wake up somewhere else.

She continued: "So after the inevitable apocalypse occurs, you're going to wake up the next day in a new reality, and the next thing you know, you're going to find yourself on Reddit talking about 'since when did Pizza Hut have two Ts?!'  “Arguing with people who are native of this new reality, talking about 'it's always had two Ts?'"  This is in reference to the many discussions on internet forums surrounding the Mandela Effect.

For those unaware of the phenomenon, it's when an individual (or, in many cases, a group of people) believe a distorted memory. Common examples are that the Monopoly man wore a monocle or that Curious George had a tail. It is actually called the Mandela Effect because so many people believe Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 80s when he actually died in 2013.


Weird Wide Web - Quantum Immortality theory:

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