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Conspiracy Corner - Flight mu5735

───   15:40 Wed, 23 Mar 2022

Conspiracy Corner - Flight mu5735 | News Article

Flight MU5735 took off at 1:11 p.m. local time from Kunming en route to Guangzhou, a trip that this plane had made at least 66 times in the past year. Since the crash, conspiracy theories have popped up.

The data obtained by FlightRadar24 shows that flight MU5735 carrying 132 people began to dive and decrease suddenly at 14:20:43, while flying at an altitude of nearly 8,800 m. The plane plunged almost vertically at a speed of 560 km/h.  During the descent, the Boeing 737-800 reached a speed of more than 966 km / h, sometimes exceeding 1,126 km / h, close to the speed of sound. British aviation expert Sally Gethin said that when the plane plunged into such a vertical position, the G-force was so great that it would cause blood to rush to the brain, making the pilot unconscious for a short time it plunged almost 26,000 feet in the span of roughly 1 minute, 35 seconds, the data track showed.
The plane’s dive appeared to have halted for about 10 seconds and it climbed briefly, adding an unusual twist to the scenario. But the Flightradar24 track, which is based on radio transmissions from the plane, then showed it resuming a steep plunge. 

The MU5735 crash is a tragedy, but there is no end to conspiracy theories in a world rife with disinformation. According to theprint, some Weibo users wondered if any Chinese scientist died in the crash and if the US caused it.

“China has refused to follow the United States and Europe in condemning and sanctioning Russia, maintaining a neutral attitude in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This air crash must be the handiwork of the Americans,” wrote a Weibo user.  Other Weibo users asked people to think “rationally”. “We should not blindly assume that the Boeing company of the United States is doing something wrong and the 737 series is shoddy. Aviation accidents in China are close to 0,” wrote a Weibo user.  

Another conspiracy theory was about the US allegedly using cyberweapons against China.  “Is it possible the United States invaded the aircraft’s network control system and caused the tragedy?” wrote a Weibo user.  The cyberweapon conspiracy started on Tuesday after a hashtag “US’s cyberweapon against China exposed” trended on Weibo. The trend was based on a Global Times story about the US’ Quantum cyberattack system that hijacks and monitors people’s social media accounts.  Click here to read more on flight mu5735.


Conspiracy Corner - Flight mu5735:

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