Transformation in agriculture achievable but SA must learn from its mistakes
08:24 Wed, 19 Feb 2020
Transformation in agriculture achievable but SA must learn from its mistakes | News Article
Kallie Schoeman FOTO: OFM-nuus
Successful transformation in agriculture in South Africa can be achieved if the country makes use of the opportunity to learn from its mistakes and avoid doing it again.

It is, therefore, necessary to have a type of operational manual. This is according to Kallie Schoeman, managing director of the Schoeman farming business in Mpumalanga. Schoeman was part of establishing the Agriculture Development Agency that was launched in Pretoria at the Africa Agri Tech, AAT, Conference and Expo on Tuesday. 

The aim of the agency, which is an entirely private sector initiative falling under the Public Private Growth Initiative (PPGI), is to promote greater social justice by creating enablers to drive sustainable land reform programmes and contribute to changing land ownership patterns in the country. Schoeman was one of the guest speakers at the launch. This is what he had to say...

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Schoeman is of the opinion that in order to determine who the beneficiaries of land are, it is needed to start at the bottom to be in reach of millions of people. This was the strategy followed by AGDA.

He still believes agriculture is the vehicle for reconciliation in South Africa by giving people the dignity they deserve and provide them with the opportunity to commence with basic farming in order for them to firstly produce food for their own consumption followed by basic farming and sustain it. 

That was Kallie Schoeman, managing director of the 100-year-old family farming business in Mpumalanga, only on Before Dawn.

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